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The American HeiressThe American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

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Rating: 4 stars

I was so excited to read this even though the reviews weren't exactly raving about this novel. But I was drawn by the beautiful cover and it just looks like a movie that I would totally watch. Also, do keep in mind that I am an absolute sucker for historical fiction. Especially regency eras and victorian. So , I really expected to love this book. And it certainly met my expectation.

The story is basically about Cora Cash, who is an insanely rich American heiress, who has an overbearing ambitious mother and how she eventually fell in love with a Duke and married him. It is SO much more than that though. There are tons parallel stories that run along-side Cora's story. I particularly like the story about Bertha, her loyal African-american maid and I also liked Teddy's story. First and foremost, I love the way Daisy Goodwin wrote this book. It is unlike the usual regency stories I am used to where the romance is closely linked to the passion between the two main characters. Here, instead is a story about Cora's journey into the harsh and unforgiving world of English Society and how she eventually matures from a rather spoilt heiress to a respectable mother and duchess. Cora is extremely lovable and very innocent and all in all, you can tell what a good person she is. And I get so pissed off with all the aristocrats who always try to wrong-foot her. They were, of course, just jealous of her fortune and her marriage to the Duke of Wareham. The Duke is later revealed to have some sort of secret liaison with Charlotte (his past lover) and then Teddy (Cora's past lover) was also thrown into the picture.

The drama is never ending and it kept me reading. The pace was perfect and the flow was so easy and pleasing. Honestly, I loved Cora alot and I wanted her to go with Teddy instead of that stupid Duke. Ivo had redeemable moments but I just dun think he loves Cora the way Teddy does. The way Teddy loved her from the start and got scared of his emotions for her. Ivo just needed her. He needed Cora for an heir and for her money. And he eventually 'fell in love' with her but I felt as if he loved her out of a sense of duty. Although he tried to prove himself at the end of the book. His confession failed to move me. Simply because I kept thinking of how he treats Cora, with that distance and indifference and all the secrets he kept from her all this time. But Cora loved him, deeply and was ready to accept him no matter what. I was really sad when Teddy was left alone on the train platform, waiting for her and eventually learning to move on. Sure he had been a coward, and he only gained courage when it was too late. I still felt that Teddy's feelings for Cora were far more genuine than the Duke's. Honestly, I kinda hated Ivo. Cora deserved better.

On a brighter note, I am rooting for Jim and Bertha's romance to bloom somehow. Even against the numerous obstacles that lie ahead of them. In a sense, I felt as if their love was greater than any of the other romances in the book. I HOPE THERE IS A SEQUEL. It was such a pleasure to read!! Suspense and drama and a realistic portrayal of the world then. There was none of that over the top romanticism that occurs in other historical romances.

I felt this was a breath of fresh air. =)

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