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FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rating : 3.5 stars

Rainbow Rowell is a such a lovely writer. There isn't anything particularly distinctive about her style, but how she makes each scene just flow from one to another makes the pages fly by. Okay, that doesn't like a compliment, but I mean it in the best way possible. It allows the reader to really transport themselves into Cath's world.

The plot is about Cath who has a twin sister named Wren. Cath loves writing fanfiction about her favourite main characters called "Simon & Baz". They are characters in a series that sounds suspiciously like Harry Potter. I think the similarities were intentional as we all know about the Harry Potter fandom. Lately, her fanfiction stories have gained a massive and loyal following that grows more and more each day. Cath loves disappearing into her fictional world and weaving stories about characters who she regards as a part of her, basically. So the plot follows Cath's freshman year in college where she is on her own and without her sister. Her room mate was a tough chick named Raegan and then there was Levi, a boy who seemed very close to Raegan, yet he was always hanging in their room.

Cath is an extreme introvert. Something that I can relate to only a certain extent. She was brash and socially awkward, excruciatingly timid. I couldn't really connect with her. But that did not mean that I wasn't rooting for her. Mostly because I couldn't stand her twin. And also because of her adorable interactions with Levi. Levi, at first didn't appeal to me (Rainbow, please do not start a character description with "Receding hairline". I was immediately turned off. Not exactly the image of a young hero I was expecting), but he grew on me towards the end and I couldn't help but fall for him. Simply because he is utterly perfect, personality-wise. The most ideal boy one can ever find; sincere, gentlemanly, funny, loving... the list goes on.

I enjoyed Cath's close relationship with her father. It was really heartwarming and made me really like Cath, even though I don't necessariy understand her at times. The plot is dynamic without being overly dramatic. And that is what I love about it. They are all thing that could be happening to any individual right now as I type this review. The only unrealistic thing would be Levi's absolute 'perfection' and his complete understanding of Cath (I kinda liked it when they fought that ONE time. Makes their relationship more exciting).

The one thing that got me annoyed was the Simon & Baz stories thrown in with each chapter. I know that they were somehow linearly related to Cath's journey in the story, but I found that it broke the flow of the book. I feel myself switching between two stories, which isn't something I like to do. So sometimes I just skip those Simon & Baz parts, just because.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. Was it mindblowing? No. Was it well-written? Yes. Would I revisit it? Probably, just certain parts.

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