The Final Stretch.

4:53 PM

I have a confession to make. I have been slacking off school eventhough, technically, it is the third week of the university semester. I know that it is my last semester (hopefully) and that I should just be really enthusiastic about it. As in, really just bite the bullet, go all out and get my grades up.

But honestly, I cannot bring myself to even show up for class sometimes 'cos I am just OVER it. I am OVER the whole studying thing. Over the whole mugging thing. And I am just itching to leave this stupid hellhole. Granted, it is probably because I absolutely detest my major. I know that I should've stuck to my passion yadda-yadda, follow-your-heart nonsense. But I couldn't. Practically speaking, my mom would've killed me. So I was stuck learning shit that I probably will never use EVER again in my entire life. But hey, education, right?

Can't believe I paid 6000 bucks for this crap.

Furthermore, NONE of my modules (except for my unrelated elective on Film Studies) interest me in the very least. ESPECIALLY the fact that I had to drop one of my more useful modules for this STUPID MODULE called 'The Enlightenment', thanks to a mix-up and clash in my timetable. That was, by the way, ENTIRELY NUS's fault and not mine. They just happily cancelled the tutorial slot I was in and totally screwed up my timetable. So now, I had to drop and pick up a different module. The only one that fit my timetable was 'The Enlightenment', (which is about the scholars of the 18th century. Allow me to gouge my eyes out), taking my ONLY free day of the week.


Not to mention, the WORKLOAD is crazy. Needless to say, I am very much behind on the whole thing. Then again I have always been for all of my three years in university. So whatever. I probably would have to work less and focus on my studies this semester. This idea does not appeal to me at all because

1. I would earn less and hence have less to spend and save
2. I would be in school more
3. I would have to actually do my readings for once
4. I would have less time for my friends, family and my boy
5. I just hate studying

Not a very cheerful post by me, but we are talking about NUS. And you all know how much I detest that place. So it's kinda expected.

On the bright side, I will be getting myself (with my own hard earned money) a new laptop. My old one is on its last legs. The sound doesn't even work anymore, and it runs very slowly. I'm hoping a new laptop will get me though this last sem and help me stay sane in school. Hopefully, it will get me to do my schoolwork as well so that I will PASS and finally start my adultlife proper.

Wish me luck, guys. This sem is gonna be a rough one.

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