Shit gets personal.

1:17 PM

I woke up this morning with the incredible urge to write when in actual fact, I probably have nothing to write about. Then I sat back and I thought again... Nope, that isn't true. I probably have TOO MANY things to write about such that the idea of writing everything out is gonna be too much of a chore to even bother trying.

It then dawned upon me that I haven't really written about my life in absolutely ages. 2012 just zipped by without me really delving into what happened. Part of the reason was that so many personal things occurred that I probably wouldn't be comfortable blogging about. However, I have turned lazy over the couple of years and am no longer dedicated enough to continue my written diary like how I always have back in the day. Which in turn made me realized how much I have missed that year. So many things happened. So many thing in me changed. And that chapter of my life seemed like a total blur.

I am determined not to let that happen this year.

I mean, what is the point of having an entire folder of emotion gifs when I am not even gonna use them anywhere?!

Previously, I made the mistake of writing for an audience. And I got caught up with my book blogging that I missed out what was happening in REALITY. I basically drowned myself in fiction.

Time to get this blog back on track. No one is gonna read this anyway. No one but my best friends and the close people in my life. So why bother with the secrecy. I should just write about what I want to write. Be it book reviews, or random things in my life. I need to start storing these memories.

They are facets of me that I probably would never have realized about myself until I look back and go, "Ahhh, so that was how I was."

Besides, it doesn't have to be FANTASTIC writing. I don't have to be all philosophical and depressing. I don't have to have '' beside my blogger tab just to write a stupid blog post. I dunno why I have all these expectations of myself, especially regarding my writing, as if I am a bestselling author of some hit novel. So, it's kinda liberating to realize that, "No, bitch, you ain't nobody." so I can write whatever the hell I want. Because there are NO expectations. And life is just life. So I should sit back and let it unfold around me.

Before I go, I will leave you with something juvenile, that I seriously love. My new baby, Jared the carrot.

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