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Okay, quite a number of things happened. But the COOLEST THING, easily, is the fact that DAISY GOODWIN. As in the author of 'My Last Duchess' a.k.a 'The American Heiress', TWEETED ME. Like she freakin' tweeted me. She saw my review on somehow and was like "Thanks @H_shar for the lovely review" and I almost wet my pants in awe. She actually READ my humble review. Which I didn't even think much. I should've put more thought and analysed it or smth. But instead, I just kept gushing about it. So I tweeted her back, telling her that I am a fan and I was looking forward to her next work (hopefully a sequel). She TWEETED me back AGAIN.


Can we take a moment, ppl, and appreciate the AWESOMENESS of this?! Here she is, a bestselling author tweeting me and replying my tweets. She is the nicest person ever, seriously. I instantly followed her, DUH. She replied a thanks again and... GET THIS... LINKED MY REVIEW TO HER TWEET. She tweeted my ACTUAL review on goodreads, where all her followers can see it. OMG. Not only is that actual proof that she read it, it means she LIKED it and wanted other ppl to read it too. THIS is the best thing that ever happened in 2011. NO JOKE, man.

GOSH, I can't get over how amazing and absolutely RANDOM this is. I was innocently writing my review of a book I liked like I usually do, and the author reads it and thanks me for it. WOW. Seriously, WOW. This makes having a twitter account worthwhile. 'Cos I hardly even USE twitter.

Other than that, I have just been hanging out with my best friends alot. I know I've been spending a BOMB on things. So I am currently on a shopping hiatus. Until August rolls in, and everyone knows that once school starts the ONLY thing that keeps me alive is shopping. That cannot be helped. My biggest splurge has to be the Clinique Superbalanced foundation, which my Mom and Diy made me buy after much much much deliberation. I DETEST foundation shopping 'cos I can never find the right shade for my skin and the good ones are always so expensive. Plus, my skin is CRAZY right now so I am super apprehensive about putting anything on it really. But of course, I have to wear foundation 'cos I have to cover up my acne.

Besides that I have buying tons of tops and other miscellaneous objects. My favourite purchase being my Revlon Matte lipstick in 'Toasted in New York'. It's a SUPER rich dark brown colour. I honestly thought dark brown would just NOT work on my skin. I thought it was more for warm tones. But I recently tried it out when I was hanging at Jen's place. She had a reddish brown lipstick that her mum bought her. And I was SO SURPRISED at how nice it looked on me. I immediately went to buy a similar shade. I couldn't find one that was exactly the same but the revlon one is close enough.

ALSO, JEN gave me the BESTEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!! Ahhhh, thanks so much Jen, seriously I love you. A million hugs and kisses!! She totally surprised me and was all sly about my gift. She made a bunch of our photos look all old and vintagey and got me ALL the things I was dying to get in UK. Which included my Boots No 7 Illuminating lotion and Lush Lip Scrub in Chocolate Vanilla. OMG. I freakin' almost DIED when I opened my gift box at the bus. I am DYING TO USE THEM!! Gosh, I'm so happy right now. Btw, the Lush Lip Scrub TASTES like HEAVEN. I can lick them on my lips all day. And they make my lips so silky soft. =)

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