Holidays Shmolidays

6:57 PM

Well, the September Holidays are officially over. Tomorrow, it's back to school and back to everything else. Though honestly speaking, it really didn't feel like much of a holiday. More like a fairly long weekend. Maybe it's not the week's fault, 'cos I really haven't been doing much these holidays. In fact, it was pretty boring. I was mostly at home, either finishing up my homework or having my daily dose of E! Entertainment. I was expecting this week to be MUCH funner than it was. First of all, ATC Fun day was supposed to be this week. We had this whole thing planned. It was supposed to be this MASSIVE amazing race ALL over Singapore. It's awesome stuff. But we had to postpone it due to cetain gliches in our planning and most people preferred the Fun Day to be after the End-of-years and O-levels. I wasn't too bummed about that.

But I was bummed when we had to cancel our Girl's Movie Marathon at Keetha's place. I had been planning this thing for quite some time. But it was ALWAYS pushed back due to something or other. If it isn't surprise ex-co meetings, it's something else. Ah, well... I guess it wasn't meant to be. Perhaps next time...

Right, so, my holidays hasn't been so hot. But it wasn't like totally horrible or anything. I mean, there were some really NICE days.

C'mon, get positive!
C'mon get positive!!

Okay, sorry for that momentary depression thing. I've been having to much time for thinking lately. And trust me, thinking and pondering about deep things are just NOT my thing. 'Cos I most of the time, I realise things that I don't want to realise, or am not ready to realise so, I get pretty down in the dumps. But no worries, once school is back, I'll be much too busy to have any time for these 'Pondering Sessions'. Thank God for that!

Anyway, I just thought I should share with y'all some of the funny things that happened a week ago. Note: This scene ACTUALLY happened!

A: So, what have you been learning in school lately?
B: Oh, you know, the usual... Trigonometry, polypeptytes and Transformation of Trigo graphs
A: Sounds stressful
B: Yeah, I miss easy subjects like Home Ec... Just cook and eat!
A: Hey, hey! It's not as easy as you think, okay?!
B: What d'you do, like boil an egg or something? How tough can that get, lah?!
A: We have really difficult ...theories to learn!
B: Riiight!
A: We have nutrition!! Hah!!
B: I learn that in Bio.
A: Oh, yeah! That's not all!! We have... Kitchen...ergonomic...theory!!
*B snorts, trying to hold in laughter*
A: We have SYSTEMS!! And apparatus... and ingredients...
*At this point B bursts out laughing and A couldn't help but join in after a while*

My Shadow side has amplified
My feelings have been pushed aside
My heart and soul, dissatisfied
My mirror and my fist collide.

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