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This is by far the most quickest week ever! It was whooosh! And now it's the end of Saturday already. It's like no rest, no taking breathers. Just keep going and going and going... I was like soooooo drained by Friday. And Friday was kindda like a bad day for me.

On Friday morning, I was feeling all happy and ready for the last day of school. I've always loved Fridays. I was okay with the subjects that day AND I had PE that day too!! First period however, is Biology. I've never really liked Bio lessons until recently when Mdm Loh has finally started teaching Bio properly. And the subject is just totally rocking!! We're learning about the heart and it's functions. We're learning about auricles, ventricles, pulmonary veins and all that kind of stuff. Let me tell you a little secret, one of the reasons I like Bio so much is that it makes me feel SO smart. I can just imagine myself saying, "The heart is surrounded by a two-layered bag known as the pericardium, the inner membrabe being in contact with the heart." Just THINKING about saying it makes me feel smarter already! Hahaha! Oh, some of us were falling asleep while Mdm Loh was demonstrating how our lungs and diaphragm works using this model, so as her voice was droning, "So, when you breath too hard, the ribs will contract and..." suddenly she went BAM!!! And she ripped the diaphragm right off the model and the thing made a super loud "POP!!!". Most of the class were so stunned by this sudden violent movement that they gasp and some even clutched their chest, where their diaphragm was! It was so funny, lah!!

Next was PE. We played abit of Basketball. Naturally, me being the total klutz I am, I simply HAD to get smacked in the face by the incredibly hard Basketball. It's like DUH!! Of course! We're talking about Sharifah here! Someone passed the ball someone and somehow, I just got the way and would you know it the huge orange ball just came flying to my face hitting me square on the nose. Thank God that my specs didn't smash into a gazillion pieces! And y'know, they laughed for awhile and carried on with the game. Other than that, I thought PE was okay.

After PE was Math, which was pretty okay. Except I was FREEZING my butt off 'cos I was all sweaty and then the air-con and the... Okay, not the point here. Recess was great, as usual. Made my delicious, delicious Rum then! =) LOVE that stuff! For those of you who don't know what Rum is, it's not like the real alcoholic thang. But it's a special concoction that Diyanah and I've made. The drink is SOOOO fabulous!! Everyone (well, save for some) LOVES it!! Especially Keetha, Gaya, Diyanah and me! We get high on this stuff ever since we created it. It's so full of caffaine that I get toooootally intoxicated just by sipping that stuff! And it helps me get through even the roughest of days. Oh, yes, I love my rum! =)

Chemistry was SOOOOOOOOOO fun, fun, fun!! We did this titration thingy. Diyanah and I were praised for being the first ones to actually get it right. You see, the final result is supposed to be orange but most of the class got pink. And we, natural chemists, got it orange!! I bet Mr Leow was secretly impressed! Hahahaha! Then, after we got all four batches orange, we decided to have a little fun and started mixing all sorts of things. We got one batch neon pink, one red one, a yellow one and a bright orange one! Then, we took pictures using Diyanah's phone. It was so wacked! We showed Mr Leow our pictures and he laughed SO loud. Unfortunately, I can't post the pictures here. But if you ever want to see them, just ask me ...or Diyanah. We'll be glad to show y'all! Hahaha!

After that, things got quite awful for me. I had an ex-co meeting, which wasn't too hot 'cos I found out that the ATC camp totally disrupted my plans for November. This ALWAYS happens! Somehow or other, my plans ALWAYS get destroyed (usually by drama)!!! I was so pissed, I was livid. After that, we had this stress management talk which was hilarious. There was this part where they made us listen to this tape and it's supposed to help us to relax. It was so sick and hilarious! The woman in the tape went, "Let this relaxed sensation travel to your tummy... Let your tummy relax... Let it get flabby... That's right..." I was laughing so hard but luckily, my head was down.

The ATC seniors and some juniors played soccer after school. At first, I wasn't so into it. But it turned out okay. I was the goalkeeper for the winning team. But this was only because Halim, Taufiq and Suffian were in my team. And Jenny and Priya too. Jenny was SUCH an awesome defender! And I was the guardian of the goalpost with my special ball-repelling powers. Though, of course, knowing me, I just HAD to get hit by a speeding soccer ball. For the record, I got hit three times... hard! Once on my face (yes, expected, right?!). Then another time on my shoulders. And finally, the soccer ball hit me right on my chest, knocking the wind right out of me. It was SOO painful. And it was all by Prakash. My junior. Ah, well! I knew that something like that would happen. Knowing me, right?!

Today was a much better day. And it's also a special day for me! I went out to buy my mom's birthday gift but ended up with a nail buffer, Adidas deodorant and a pair of new ear studs for myself. =P No worries! I'm buying my mom's gift on Monday. And this time NO distractions!!

You hold me close when I am sad.
You wipe the tears from my face.
Every time we are together,
It seems like the perfect place.

I love the way you can make me laugh
For absolutely no reason at all.
I love how no matter what I do,
You will be there to catch me when I fall.

Happy 3rd Anniversary! =)

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