A Quickie

5:25 PM

Okay, this will be a short one 'cos I've regretfully spent most of my com time trying to figure out the stupid c-box codes. I am just NOT good at them! All these computer mumbo-jumbo. But I sort of managed! Hahaha! If it looks abit weird, please excuse it. I'm still a nook at this kind of stuff.

Actually, I wanted to blog about yesterday but, it has proven to be impossible for me to do so, 'cos I would need at LEAST half an hour to complete a proper blog entry like that and I have about... oh, 10 minutes or less. So, I don't exactly know what I'm gonna be talking about. It'll just be the most random things that happen to pop into my head at this very moment. So, please excuse the randomness or messiness of this entry.

The exams are coming!! AAAARGH!!! In fact, our Higher Mother Tongue paper will be next Saturday and I am slightly freaking out. I am SO not ready for the exams. I have yet to start studying properly and I need time to catch up on all the topics which I never really paid attention to. But time, isn't a luxury that I can have it seems. I am SO not ready!!! And I promised myself that I'll do better this term. I don't really know if I can do it but it's worth a try, I guess. I seriously don't wanna get retained. That'll just be AWFUL!!! *shudders*

I have majorly TONS of homework to catch up on since yesterday, I was out almost all day and by the time I got home, I was completely knackered. So, I accidentally slept while I was thinking of doing my homework. Trust me, I totally regret it now when I just realized the gargantuan pile of work I have to complete by tonight!! I hope I can complete it in time!

Also, I have to revise my Trigonometry 'cos I have a Trigo Test this Tuesday!! Oh, Nasty! Nasty!! I don't really mind Trigo but I'm just SUPER slow at it. I mean, I take literally HOURS to finish one worksheet. I think it's 'cos I like taking my time and thinking things through, and getting the right answer in the end. If I rush myself, I tend to get the wrong answer. SO, I am worried that I won't be able to finish the paper AND I'm worried that I'll forget the formulas!!

Other than that, I don't have much to worry about! Haha!

I love Cocoa!!

Oh, and the Singapore Idol Finals are next week!! GOOOOOO HADY MIRZA!!!!! He's just SO awesome!!! =) I really hope he wins. I'm definitely voting!

Another event happening next week: Fasting! Yup, we, muslims, are gonna have to start fasting next Sunday. I'm not too keen on it 'cos everyone knows how much I love food but I can take it. No worries!! Heh!

Right, so, that's about it. Wooo, and still with some time to spare! Well, I'll be off now. I hope next week will be great for everyone! Cheers! =)

Don't decieve me
Please don't leave me
What would I do without you
to see me through
If you leave me,
then you'll grieve me
What would I do without you
to see me through
Oh, what would I do...

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