The Carnival of Engineering

8:02 PM

Majorly LOADS of stuff to talk about today and of course, I have limited time as usual. Soooo, I'll try my best to complete whatever it is that I have to say. But you have to excuse all typos and grammar glitches that you may accounter along the way. Now that that's said, HERE we go, people!!!!

Firstly, I just wanna talk about yesterday. Partly 'cos that's about as far as memory can go! But also because that was perhaps one of THE longest day of my entire life!! The day was completely EXHAUSTING!! In morning, I hit my head on the double-decker bed that's in my room. Typical morning for Klutzy Little Sharifah! But for your information, it was SO not my fault. I thought there was this horrid cockroach running across the room from under my bed!! How could I have seen that it was a teeny piece of paper in the darkness of my room?!! HOW?!! So, y'know, I screamed and jumped, and hit my head and y'know... The usual! But I was pretty okay with it. This was because I had SUCh a fabulous-o day the day before. Oh, ya!! Which reminds me! Thursday was totally awesome! I got a slice of ice-cream cake from Ms Leow which basically sealed my happiness for the rest of the day. And the best part was that after the Lit Course, I said to myself, "Oh, I want some cake soooo bad!". And then Diyanah who was there with me went, "And I want some cranberry juice". Then, we sort of sighed together. Guess what I saw when I opened the fridge when I got home. There it was sitting on a giant plate looking completely HEAVENLY: A Massive Chocolate Fudge Cake staring back at me practically yelling from the plate, "EAT ME!!! EAT ME, DAMN IT!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!" And so, I cut a teeny slice (=P) and when I popped that piece of heaven in my mouth, I was like, the happiest girl in the world! Yes, this girl loves her cake.

Okay, diversion! So sorry about that! I should focus more. Right, so, where was I? Oh, yeah, the violent morning! School was okay. In fact, it was actually pretty good. 'Cos I had some fun during PE. I played some MAJOR Basketball with Diyanah, Keetha, Kai Xin, Tanya, Foo Shi Yun and whole bunch of other people. The reason why I liked the game so much was not so much because I was on the winning team with Tanya (Heheheh!!) but because I was SO enthu about the game, I sort of got better at it. Just you wait and see! I'll be the next Michael Jordan, only not bald, less tall and obviously, I'm not a man, lah!! Just you wait!!

Oh, and I also had an E-Math Trigo Test yesterday during Math. It wasn't too bad. Definitely better than the A-Math Trigo Test!! Like by a MILE!! The biggest part of the day was spent at the Math Carnival at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Yes, I actually VOLUNTEERED to go there!! I bet you're surprised. I mean, usually, I try to avoid doing Math as much as I possibly can. But, I'm ashamed to admit this, I had succumbed to Peer Pressure!!! Shamini, Keetha and Gaya were like, "Go, lah, Sharifah! It's good for you! It's just a math proficiency test! It'll tell you your weak areas and all! It's good! You should go! Go! Go! Go!" and Shamini will go, "Eh, actually I want to go, ah, but if you don't go then I don't go, lah! Nevermind." And with all their voices swimming around my head, I raised my hand and then next thing you know, BAM!! I'm on the bus, on my way to Ngee Ann for a M-A-T-H carnival. The Proficiency test was a bit of a bummer for me, 'cos they simply told me what I already know. Which is that I suck at math. So, I felt a bit cheated. And then, we had to go throguh this lecture on Mathematical Engineering and propaganda on how fab Ngee Ann is. The test was like only 40mins and the OTHER things were like hours long! But then, after receiving a certain sms from someone, I decided to be SO enthu that no matter what was thrown at me, I'll MAKE it fun! And would you know it?! I DID have fun!! There was this booth with this electronic height measuring thing whereby you stand on a pad with a cam on top and you have to jump as high as possible. Then they'll take the difference between your height and jumping height. I decided to just go for it. So, it measured my height (I was SO happy that I grown taller. But then I found out that I was wearing shoes! Darn it!!) and next, I just jumped and jumped and jumped while I watched in facination as the graph in front of me went up and down as well. It was sooooo cool! And y'know what?! I was Numero Uno out of the girls who tried!! Hahaha! Must be 'cos short people can jump pretty high! Oh, and Priya got second! Also, I got tons of freebies like towels and post-its and pens. I was a bit swamped after the carnival but my mood was lifted when I got to school. Thank you so much for waiting! It was SUCH an awesome surprise! =)

And my day got better for I went home to an empty house (ALL TO MYSELF) and found an awesome dinner waiting for me. Black Pepper Roast Chicken, Steamed Potato slices in Rosemary and Herbs, Coleslaw salad and a HUGE slice of yesterday-terday's Chocolate Fudge Cake which my mom left me. I was happily gobbling up all that good food while trying my best to study for Malay. But however, my day changed drastically from a totally spanking one, to a really bad one. As usual my plans were completely destroyed. And I sort of got a response which I didn't want from someone. And ... well, let's just say that by the end of the night, all the magic of the day had completely dissolved.

Footprints on my face;
I'm flattened to the ground
The world steps over me
And I hardly made a sound.
Oh, look, there's my heart!
Who cares
If it's broken,
Or torn apart?!
Only misery's ahead
All my hurt is left unsaid.
I'll stand up when I'm fine...

But I've recovered from my moment of despair. Thankfully! I thought that today was gonna be horrible. But everything turned out fantastically!! Really, life is just SO surprising sometimes. I mean, you expect one thing and a whole other thing just happens and it just changes how you feel and everything! I suppose it's more of a good thing than a bad one 'cos no one actually wants a dull and predicatble life.

Today, I had my Higher Mother Tongue Paper 1 and 2. Which wasn't too good. On the bright side, it's over!! Oh, and we, muslims, will be fasting from tomorrow onwards. I'm kindda dreading it real bad. But no worries! It's only, y'know, one whole month. Anyway, I went to watch John Tucker Must Die with Diyanah and Halim... Oh, darn! I've ran out of time! My mom's screaming at me to get off the com. Ah, well! There's always tomorrow! I'll be filling y'all in on the movie and other things!

That last kiss, I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes it harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling;
Who knew?

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