John Tucker Must (not) Die

5:29 PM

I really dunno if I should be continueing my post from yesterday. I don't think I'm up for it. i dunno how to explain this but I'm feeling kindda empty inside. Or maybe, y'know, it's just my tummy rumbling. Heh!

Still, I'm gonna be true to my word and give y'all my review of the totally AWESOME movie: John Tucker Must Die

This, in my opinion, is the perfect movie for any teenage girl. I love it to bits!! It has everything I would ever want to see in a huge screen. Cute guys, sassy girls, witty dialouge (which I can later use in the future), cat fights and everything! It's SUCH a fun movie!! Basically, the story's about these three girls who have been cheated on by this uber hot dude called John Tucker. And then, there's this girl named Kate who is sort of like this invisible girl who no one really knows existed until she made friends with the other three girls. Kate has issues with her single mom who has never been in a serious relationship since forever. And she always sees her mom have her heart broken tons of times. So, she decided to help the three girls get even on John Tucker. First, they tried to make him un-date-able by announcing to the world that he has Genital Herpes. But somehow John bounced back, better than before. In fact, he was given an award for raising awareness of such a horrible disease. Next, the girls tried to turn John into a sissy by adding 'female hormones boosters' into his 'Bulk-up' drink. The result was HILARIOUS but still, he bounced back. Finally, they decided to break John Tucker's heart by making him fall in love with Kate. Kate will then crush his heart. I don't think I should publish all the things they did to John but let me assure you that it's hilarious! But seriously, you can NOT help but fall in love with John Tucker 'cos he makes everything look so easy and perfect. And he can be SUCH a sweet guy! I practically melted in my seat when he proposed to Kate to be his girlfriend. What he said was just... Really, really heart-melting. And he then, he announced to the world that he's 'whipped' which sort of meant that he's in love. He gave Kate his watch as though saying that he is giving his heart to her. And how he made Kate feel so special in all their dates 'cos he made SO much effort to make each date perfect. Really, it's no wonder he gets away with having three girlfriends. But, of course, Kate was different. And you could totally see that he really meant all the sweet things he said to her. This movie is like a sinful pleasure.

And so is John Tucker.

Diyanah and I shared potato chips and Ben & Jerry's during the course of the movie. It was FABULOUS-O!!! But I'm not gonna be fantasizing about food 'cos it just makes me alot hungrier. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! John Tucker has this older brother named... Wait, a sec... Erm... What was his name again?? I don't really remember but Diyanah and I call him the 'Lost Tucker'. It's 'cos he's actually pretty good-looking if it weren't for his massive head of long curls. Then, during the movie I absent-mindedly made a comment about how he sort of looked like the Fat guy from 'LOST' after ten years on the island without food. Diyanah burst out laughing and voila! He became the Lost Tucker! ...Oh, I remember now! His name's Scott! So, anyway, next week, not too much things happening. But the exams will be starting on Friday (not that it hasn't already for me) so, that would mean that I have to kick my studying gear into hyper mode. Not too psyched about that but a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do. I suppose I should be studying NOW but I really don't feel like it.

Good Luck, everyone for the exams!! Hope y'all do well! =)

When you're around, my heart just skips
Listen, yes, I admit!!
I'm totally and completely... whipped!!

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