List of Happiness

4:23 PM

Man, was I down in the dumps yesterday! I mean seriously! My sadness was SO contagious that I probably would've caused the next SARS outbreak or something! Only it would't be SARS, would it? It would be SHARS. But the point is that I'm better now! Though not necessarily my usual smiley self... But better! My Mom's Fudge Cake + List Of Happiness therapy always does the trick! She would see me looking like crap and my eyes all red and swollen. But of course, I won't tell her that anything's wrong. Not that I need to anyway! Then, she would surprise me with a giant Chocolate Fudge Cake or Brownie or Chocolate Ice-cream. In yesterday's case, it was Fudge Cake. Then, she would conveniently leave a piece of blue paper and a pen on my study table. Of course, she knows that I know what to do with it. Basically, I would write down of ALL the things that make me smile and the things which I'm thankful for. Cliche, huh?? And it's a tad bit sappy if you ask me but let me assure you, it WORKS!! No matter how depressed I am, it never fails to bring up my mood. And so, I sat down with my slice of Fudge Cake, took the pen and started scribbling.

People who make me Smile:
1) My Sometimes-Dysfunctional Family
2) My Beloved Prince
3) My Super Sista' Shamster!
4) My Spas Partners Gaya (the Royalty) and Keetha (the Pitchfork)
5) My Foodie Pal / Wallet stealing Partner Diyanah
6) My Dear Old Besties Dinah MZ and Shahidah
7) My bro Taufiq
8) My Laughter Medicine Suffian
9) My Tennis Pals Jenny and Priya
10) My fave and sweet form Teacher Ms Leow / My lame chem teacher Mr Leow

Things that make me Smile:
1) Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream
2) Mom's Fudge Cake
3) Running my troubles away
4) Back to back episodes of CSI
5) Crapping with my awesome pals
6) Lepaking in the afternoon (especially when it's with someone)
7) Movies!!
8) Word-search puzzles
9) My dear Old Logan
10) ICE-CREAM!!! =)
11) Cable
12) Balloons
13) Walks in parks
14) My scratched-up uber wonderful Handphone
15) Rum

That's about as much as I could fit inside that teeny blue paper. But it's enough! =)

Yesterday, we had our English Paper 1 and Social Studies Paper. It didn't go as well as I had hoped it would. 'Cos I studied REALLY hard and I thought that it would pay off. And it did... In a way, I guess. I really hope my other papers are better. But Ms Leow (3/6's beloved form teacher) made me feel loads better after the paper with this note that she gave our class. It was SO sweet and I feel so guilty that I didn't study nearly hard enough. I felt like I should ace everything for her. She's really the nicest teacher ever. I was so touched!!

Okay, I wanted to elaborate. But I should be studying my chem right about now. And I sort of lost my enthusiasm for blogging. Well, Good Luck for the Chem paper on Monday people!!

I feel so empty
Can you not see?
I'm a devoid of sensibility!
Fill me up
Oh, fill me up
Fill this empty heart with love
Or it'll break, when push comes to shove
Oh, who fill me up?

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