just a Quickie

12:33 PM

Have to apologise for not blogging last Sunday. I was seriously planning to blog about Hady Mirza winning Singapore Idol. He TOTALLY deserves it, by the way!! He's just AMAZING!! So, right now, I dunno exactly what I'm doing but I'm NOT supposed to be doing THIS. But, ah, what the heck! I just to type some things out

Okay, the exams are here and I'm almost halfway through. Thank GOD for that!! I've had my chem, E-math paper 1, Social Studies, HMT, English paper and Geography Elective. Tomorrow will be my dreaded E-math paper 2 and also, sadly for me, BIOLOGY!!! I just recently flipped through the textbook and realized the MASSIVE amount of stuff I have to memorize BY tomorrow!!! I am SO dead people. SO DEAD!!!!

But first, I'll watch an episode of Naruto on the net... and maybe, y'know... an episode of CSI or so tonight. Hehehehe!!

SO DEAD!!! Fight the temptation!!!

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