Bio Blues

4:12 PM

Yup, people! I have the Bio Blues! Thursday was mondo horrible-o for me! I speant the whole day of Wednesday cramming as much Bio info into my head as possible. I even went down to the specifics like which veins and arteries go where. Seriously, I can even tell you what are the exact enzymes in our Intestinal Juices!! It's enterokinase, erepsin, lactase, maltase, sucrase and intestinal lipase! Seeeeeee, I TOTALLY STUDIED MY BUTT OFF!!!!! So, what the hell happened??!! What HAPPENED??! I have NO idea! The E-Math paper 2 that day was totally freakin' me out. In the morning, I was practically twitching with nervousness. 'Cos you, see, I didn't even TOUCH any math stuff until the MRT ride to school that morning. But the paper turned out okay. All thanks to Bearings and Trigo. Love that stuff! Hahaha! Gosh, can't believe I just said that.

So, anyway, I studied almost all the topics in the syllabus, strictly according to the syllabus. I wasn't gonna take any chances. I studied everything to the details. Except, I didn't have enough time to study the last two topics (Homeostasis and Excretion) thoroughly. If only the world was in a 36-hour time frame and NOT darn 24-hours. So, I sort of read through the last two chapters, roughly knowing the basic concepts. What are the chances of the 70% of the Bio paper to be on that last TWO chapters which I DIDN'T study thoroughly?!!!! And they didn't ask proper, straightforward questions like, "What will happen to an animal cell when placed in a hypertonic solution?" or, "What is the definition of osmosis?". Nooooo, they just HAD to make things as difficult as they possibly can for not-so-smart people like me. They gave us these 'situations' which we were suppose to analyse and thigns like that. It was horrible. My mind went completely blank. I was grasping at straws and practically crying during the paper. I was writing as much info as I possibly can without sounding too desperate to the marker.

So, after the paper, naturally, I felt like crap. And I looked like crap too. And then, I see everyone and they were all, "The paper was okay... It was do-able..." and Taufiq even said that it was easy!! And at that moment, I felt like the stupidest person in the world. I felt like a total and complete utter loser. Look at these smart people! They thought the paper was do-able!! So, what's wrong with me?! What's WRONG with me???

I wanted to die.

I studied like nuts, until I had blisters on my writing hand from writing and memorizing all that notes. I slept late (not too late) and woke up early to study some more. It was one of the hardest papers that I studied for, next to Social Studies (which also turned out like crud). I see all those happy faces, all glowing and relieved that the paper was over and it was do-able. And I just couldn't bear to bring down their mood. So, I just rushed home. But I found a kindred spirit through this tragedy! Diyanah also felt the same way as me and we decided to walk home together and discuss our discontent. It made me feel better, to let all those pent up anger out. Seriously, what is WRONG with me??

But I'm better now, after two days of rest. I have to thank everyone who tried to cheer me up and make me feel better. Especially, Diyanah, my bro and my prince. I would've been in a much worse state if it were not for y'all! Anyway, I didn't have to go to school on Friday. Thank Goodness! I needed that day to rest up and get my energy back up. So, on the bright side, I only have TWO more papers left next week!! A-math and Pure Lit and then, I'm FREEEEEE!!! Just keep going! Keep going, people!!

Today wasn't too great, my mum's feeling abit sick. And my dad's riding up my nerves. But I'm trying my best to keep my cool.

Thank God for Ice-cream! =)

Because, I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us in the country side
Sitting on the grass laying side by side
See all I want you to do is to be...
My Love

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