A Tribute

8:01 PM

I was so sad when I heard the news. He was still so young! In fact, he was younger than my dad. I never imgained that he would pass on this way. I know that he led a very dangerous life but it wasn't without a cause. He's had always loved animals. And always tried to save as many animals as he possibly can. He spent almost his whole life in front of the camera. Being both an entertainer and an educator. He tried to make a difference in this world and I must say that he did. Without him, I wouldn't have known the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. I dunno about you but I have grown to love this man. He was so full of life, gusto and passion. His passion for animals and life was truly admirable. His passing was a shock to all of us, especially me who took it for granted that this man who was so full of life would last forever after being at the brink of death so many times before. I'm going to miss you... Steve Irwin. Rest in peace.

I promise...

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