Pipi Paus and Whales

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I know I said that I would continue my review on The Devil Wears Prada today but I'm kindda lazy to type out the storyline and characters and everything. So, I'm just gonna leave you with what I thought of the movie. This movie is funny and witty and MAJORLY cool for any girl who has even a teeny bit of fashion sense. And for those who are totally into fashion, you're heart will palpitate and stop at the amount of GORGEOUS clothes you'll see there. It's truly a feast for the eyes. But I don't think that it's completely a chick-flick 'cos the storyline is solid and the performances are phenomenal. Especially this woman right here,

She's Miranda Priestly (a.k.a The Devil). Her real name is Meryl Streep and she brings a new meaning to the phrase 'Ice Cold'. Highly recommended!

Okay, some of you may be wondering what's the deal with all this 'Pipi Pau' thing. So, I thought maybe I should just blog about it and explain it to everyone who's interested 'cos I'm not too keen on repeating the horrendous story over and over to people. So, now, if anyone asks, I'll just say, "Just check my blog. The explaination's there." Ah-HA!!

It all started when I was watching 'Hero' on Channel U afew nights ago. I was watching it with my parents 'cos all of us were very into Jet Li. We think that he's the most gifted martial artist/actor in the entire universe and practically worship the movies he act in. Hahahaha!! Okay, okay, exaggeration! We just like Jet so, we watched the movie. The plot's kindda confusing but the action sequences were like fuyoooh!!! Power!! And the scenes are all colour coordinated so everything's really beautiful... Oops! Sorry, I'm digressing here. The point is that after the movie, I was kindda inspired and I just felt like disturbing my parents. The characters in the movie had uber cool names like 'Flying Snow', 'Broken Sword', 'Moon' and all. So, I went...

Me: Ma, why'd you give me such a LOUSY name, ah?? 'Sharifah Hanan'! No imagination at all! Why didn't you give me a styl-o name like 'Flying Snow' or 'Fallin Petal' or something?!
*Mom raises her eyebrows at me*
You?? Falling Petal??
Me: Yaaaaa!!
Mom: If I were to give you a name, it'd be 'Pipi Pau'!!
Me: Whhaaattt?!! Noooo!!

At this point, my mom bursts into one of her unstoppable, LOUD laughters and danced into the kitchen chanting "Pipipau, pipipau, pipipau!!" in a wacky sort of way. For those of you who don't know what the hell 'pipi pau' means. It means 'cheeks of pau' in malay. Like as in buns, y'know?! Eeeew!! Since WHEN do I have cheeks like THAT, lah!!! But the convo didn't stop there, of course, knowing my parents. My dad who was listening to our conversation in utmost interest said...

Dad: Your mom's so bad! And Pipi Pau's a lousy name.
Me: Yaaaa! You see the verbal abuse I'm exposed to!
Dad: Y'know, if I didn't have to give you an Arab name, I would've named you 'Venezuala'.
*I looked totally impressed*
Me: That's more like it! But isn't that a country??
Dad: Yea, but for you, I think I have to change it to 'Venez-WHALE-lah'!!

Expectedly, my dad guffaws in laughter. I tell you, my parents can be so mean sometimes! Of course, they didn't mean it in a hurtful way. It was just kidding around. I suppose it is kindda funny. But Pipi Pau kindda became a revolution. Especially for a certain SOMEONE who keeps calling me by that Eeew-Alias!

Okay, now that that's cleared up, just thought maybe I should wish everyone luck next week. Why? 'Cos it really won't be much of a holiday, will it?? What with all the remedials and whatnot. But just hang in there you guys! Oh, and special luck-shout-out to all you tamil students of Mr Nagor! You poor things! Would you BELIEVE that they have TAMIL camp during the September Holidays?! Extra luck for you guys!! =)

Is it...? Do I dare to ask?
A love that will truly last?

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