Finally, I smile!

6:20 PM

Finally, I'm smiling again! =) I had to admit the week started of kindda badly. In fact, REALLY badly. And I thought that the days couldn't get any worse. I kept thinking to myself. Don't worry! Just THREE days of school! You can get through this! By Wednesday I was completely exhausted both emotionally and physically. Most of my week's plans have been totally destroyed due to unforseen circumstances but then, by Thursday, I was exhausted that I sort of became numb. I was going through the day with my mind completely blank. This helped, I think. 'Cos I became carefree in a weird sort of way and now, I'm completely carefree and positively content with my week. Sure, it was rough. But I've decided to make the best of it and try to make things as fun as possible. Some 'wise' person told me that so, I just did as he advised. Worked like a charm! =)

First and foremost, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all the teachers all around the world (especially Ms Loew, Mr Leow and Cikgu Asnah who has made such an impact in my life). You guys have one of the toughest job on earth and we salute you for it.

The day before teacher's day celebrations, I was up till pretty late making thank you cards for certain very important teachers. Usually, I wouldn't do such things. I would simply wish them "Happy Teacher's Day" or message them a greeting on their phones or something. But this year, I've decided to show my appreciation a little bit more. I mean, I'm already three-quarters through my secondary life though it felt like just yesterday when I first stepped into Anderson Secondary School. So, I'm putting in a teeny bit more effort this time. I was pretty excited about the celebrations. Though I was quite irritated that the teachers decided to merge Be Yourself day, Aces Day AND teacher's Day all in one. It really didn't make any sense to be all sweaty in my 'myself' costume. You see, I had already planned my outfit ages ago for 'Be Yourself Day' but the fact that it merged with Aces Day made it SUPER inconvenient for me to wear my outfit. I couldn't POSSIBLY dance the bhangra in a skirt!

The day started of okay. Kind of low for me 'cos I didn't really get much sleep. But I somehow absorbed some hyperness from Shamini and Keetha and before you know it, I'm all hyped up about the day. I couldn't WAIT for Aces day!! I LOVE the BHANGRA!! Woooohooooooo!!! Yup, this year, we're all doing the bhangra. It was mucho fun! I was at the front with Dinah Bee and we were all enthu about it. Keetha was doing the Bhangra in Turbo-mode or something. She was all thrusting strongly and clapping loudly. I was like WHOA!! Turbo Bhangra! I thought that we should've done it twice and not once. It was over way too quickly!

Then, I changed into a pair of jeans and 2 blouses. Yea, you read right. TWO blouses! I wore this long sleeved Abercombie white blouse and wore this black, elbow-length shirt over it (partly because it was a pretty cold day) and then, I folded the excess white sleeves into a cuff. It looked like one shirt! A stroke of genius! Hahahaha! And I clipped up my sweat-drenched ponytail. I headed off to the hall with Keetha all excited about the concert. We sat in front with Jen Lee, Priya, Shamini and Diyanah. All of us were made a pack to be as enthusiastic as possible about the concert. The concert started only after the teachers came into the hall one by one, walking on the red carpet and waving to the cheering crowd of students. The first item was this 'Guess the Teacher' thang. Priya, being as enthu as possible, thought she knew who that person in the blurry picture was and screamed into the mike, "MRS KAMAAAAAALL!!" And ...It wasn't! All six of us cracked up and started laughing our heads off! Typical Priya! =)

Next was this band called Bulldash (or was it Bald Ash?? Something along those lines...) and they were playing the song 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'. It was kindda slow but nice. I noticed this super talented small dude at the back of the hall. He was playing the guitar like a pro and by the end of the song, I was TOTALLY impressed by him! I told Jenny about the small dude and she was like, "Yeah! I noticed him too! I was thinking why wouldn't he go to the front? He must be one of those shy, gifted ones" and I was all, "You rock, Small Dude!!!" Keetha and Diyanah cheered with me. Shamini was going, "He's so cuuuute!!" Expected! Hahaha! After another round of 'Guess the Teachers', sec 1/4 did a dance to the song 'Upside-Down'. It was okay, I guess. But I was very disturbed with their mini skirts. I mean, I'm sitting riiiiight in front so, I had full view of EVERYTHING on stage (unfortunately for me, I got to even see some Londons and Frances). Still, good for them to perform for their tecahers! Good effort!

The next item was Siva's band which was called 'Angelclub' or something like that. Jen was telling me that they were supposed to be 'Black Roses' but they changed last minute. I have no idea why they picked Angel Club. It kindda sounds like Atomic Kittens. But that's besides the point. Ashwin was the LEAD singer. There was Adi and Peter as well. Then, I saw this lump moving at the background and wouldn't you know it, it was the Small Boy!! Turns out his name was Gerald. So, Angel Club sang 'All The Small Things' and 'I Miss You'. All of us were cheering super loud for them. And I was surprised at how well Ashwin sang. I mean, I didn't even KNOW he could sing! I really liked how he sang 'I miss you'. Maybe he was singing it to a special someone, huh?! *nudge, nudge* Hehehe! I know your secret, Ashwin!

Anyway, Siva was looking really cool drumming on the drums. I didn't know he was so good at it! Adi was singing all the low notes. And that Gerald was uber awesome. He was totally shredding the guitar strings (and I mean that in a good way)! The concert was loads of fun and after that, we got our report slips. I can't say that I was super content with my results but I'm glad that I've improved this term and I hope to improve further for the End-of-years which are JUST around the corner. Then, I visited my good old Yishun Primary School with Rinita and Jeremy Seet. It really brought back some fond memories. I met up with my favourite Operations Manager, Mr Vasu who's like a second father to me and met up with some friends. It was okay but I had to hang for quite awhile 'cos my mom wanted me to pick my sis up while I was there. Then, I met up with my mom at Northpoint. She wanted to treat us to Burger King. And just as I sat down on my table after ordering my meal, this huge group of people came trooping in and in the middle of the huge troop was none other than Halim! But he didn't acknowledge my presence (knowing how bluuur he is! =P) until my mom cracked some lame joke and we laughed. Mom and I have a pretty loud laugh, I hate to admit. But she was totally lame ina funny way that day. He finally noticed me and waved a 'Hi'. And as he did so, another group trooped in. Taufiq, Salmah, Shahrum and some guy I didn't recognise came in. It was so funny! Suddenly, everyone was eating at Burger King's that day!

The next day, Gaya, Keetha and I were supposed to have a Girls' Day In/Movie Marathon at Keetha's place but it was cancelled 'cos we had an ex-co meeting at Mrs Kamal's place. It was really quite nice. She fed us toast with hot tuna and melted cheese with Orange and Peach punch. Mmmmm!! We discussed about ATC Fun Day (which is postponed until AFTER the end-of-year exams, 'cos we thought everyone would be feeling more free and less stressed) for a looong time before the meeting was officially over. Oh, and I got to try on Mrs Kamal's massage chair. At first, it felt abit weird (like someone was rolling metal balls all over your back) but after a while, when I relaxed it felt reeeeally good! Y'know, I think everyone needs a massage chair. I should tell my dad. It'll benefit everyone in my household. It's like an investment! =)

That night, I had the most, absolute BEST dinner EVER!!! My mom was trying out this new recipe she learnt from Jamie Oliver at Oliver's Twist. It's this Potato Casarole-y thing with temperate herbs, butter cream and melted mozzerella and parmesan. We ate it with Salad and Black Pepper Roasted Chicken. It was HEAVEN!! =)

So, today, I was in a great mood! Eventhough I have a slight cold and fever, due to the rain. I went out today too! I finally got myself a decent earpiece after God knows how long! I must apologise again for ruining your earpiece!! Aaargh! I'm so totally accident-prone! So, today, I went to Causeway and got myself an earpiece, FIRST magazine and Candy Floss. Hmmm... It's been such a long time since I've eaten Candy Floss. I shared a nice blue one. It's so nice. Melted in my mouth and everything. After that, we headed off to Golden Village Yishun to watch... The Devil Wears Prada...

This movie is NOT just about fancy designer brands and fashion. Though it does play a big part in this film. But it's not all there is to it. The story's about this plain Jane girl, Andy Sachs who is trying to become a hot shot journalist in New york. So, as a stepping stone, she tries out to be Miranda Priestly's assistant. Miranda is the chief editor of 'Runway' magazine. She's the most important person in the entire fashion world and only her opinion counts in this fashion business. She was like the Queen of Fashion. All hail Miranda. And she EXPECTS you to hail her. She's the boss from hell. Making Andy do all sort of impossible jobs. And slowly Andy persevered and became a fashionable, confident chic but at what cost? Her friends? Her boyfriend (who in my opinion was a tad bit too whiny)?

Oops! I'm running out time here. I think I'll continue with my review on this movie tomorrow. After the movie I had ice-cream! Yay!!

I came home with the HUGEST smile on my face today. Thank you! =)

Sometimes she feels frightened.
Sometimes she feels unloved.
Sometimes she feels like she will never gain approval from those who are most important to her.

Sometimes she feels she doesn't deserve you.
Sometimes I hate that She,
Though sadly I know that that She is me.

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