Super Slacker

5:01 PM

What a week! So much for 'slack week'! Okay, technically it's not really like a totally mind-boggling week, but it certainly was very eventful. SO this means that I have tons to talk about and I have to type this out as fast as I possibly can. *takes deep breath* Here we go!!

Okay, first thing's first, Thank you EVERYONE who went to watch ATC's performance on Friday!!! I'm SO glad that so many people showed up to watch our play. I was really nervous about it. In fact, I couldn't even sleep the night before! Not a wink. I really wasn't too sure about it. Not at all confident! I know, surprising, right? You see, the thing is... We totally didn't rehearse that well. It was all so last minute. We only had what? TWO proper rehearsals before the performnace itself! I don't know about everyone, but I certainly wasn't prepared. I was reciting my lines ALL night in my head. To tell you the truth, it wasn't our BEST performance. I honestly think that our performance in Adelaide was MUCH better. But I suppose we did okay. And the audience seem to like the play. And mucho thanks to Dinah MZ, Shahidah, Diyanah, Shamini, Fiona and Jonathan!! I feed on your support! Hahahaha! No, lah! They were so supportive and I was so worried that they were gonna hate the play or my performance or something. I mean, I know it's sounds warped but I take their approval very seriously. If some unknown person hates our play, I don't care. I don't know this unknown person so, I don't really give a damn about what that unknown person think about me or ATC or our play. But if my friends hate our play, then, it really bothers me. 'Cos what they think matters alot to me. And I was pretty relieved when they gave me their stamp of approval. They liked the play. Eventhough they thought that my character was so natural for me. It's untrue, by the way! My character ISN'T natural for me. I am not... I repeat... AM NOT a bimbo!!!

Moving on, yesterday was the 2/2 class gathering at Pasir Ris park. It was kindda a bummer for me 'cos I couldn't stay for even a quarter of the gathering. This is due to my ridiculous curfew. i had to be home by six. And they sort of came a tad bit late. So, I was only there for like fifteen minutes and I had to leave already. Halim had to leave 'cos he had religious studies. But it was SO nice to see 2/2 all together and partying! I missed seeing everyone together. Oh, and I got to see Chun Siang (with his darling) and Jia Jin whom I haven't seen since like FOREVER!! It was really nice and it brought back some fond 2/2 memories. I really miss that class. I really hope they had fun. In fact, I'm sure they did! =)

Oh, and I got to watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend too!

It's really very funny. Loads of very adult jokes and the story's really a laugh! It's about this dude who, in my opinion, is a real geek. He hasn't had a decent girlfriend since his last girlfriend broke up with him and that was six months ago. He tried his luck with this girl he met at the subway. Turns out that girl was G-Girl!! The crime-fighting, missile kicking, fire-estinguishing superheroine. You would think that that's a guy's dream come true, right?! A super girlfriend who happened to be super in bed (she broke his bed! Hilarious!). But not when the dude found out that he was in love with his working partner. So, he had to break up with his emotionally unstable super girlfriend. Thsi is when things got really crazy. She stole his car and threw it to outer space (literally) and threw a great white shark at him. Finally he teamed up with this super villian (who was thinking of retiring fom super villian-y) to neutralize G-Girl and rid the superhero of her super powers. Then loads of stuff happened. You should watch it! It's hilarious!!

I'm pissed that Joakim is still in that competition and that Nurul is out!! Sorry, randomness! I just needed to say it. Phew! Load of my chest!

Oh, also, we went to Mandai Orchid Park on Monday. It was really beautiful! And there were like hundreds of orchids everywhere!! So, I got thinking, wouldn't it be nice if someone were to throw a party here. Like a proper party! With a band and lights and good food and dancing and people in semi-formal wear. I could totally see in!! I told Gaya about it, just for fun. And then BAM!! The next thing you know, the both of us are actually planning an actual party!! Hahahaha! We'll have invitations and music and dancing... I'll tell y'all more about it next time! It isn't anytime soon. It's supposed to be in November. To celebrate Keetha's fifteenth birthday, Fiona's too I think, my super belated sixteenth birthday and something very special on the 16th of November! =)

It looks like heaven like heaven
Sent this for my roughest night;
I turn to him all right
I turn to him...
Who's going to take me home
And hold me when things aren't so bright?
I turn to him all right
I turn only to him...

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