Why Did I EVER Divorce You, Shahrukh??

6:16 PM

Loads of things to blog about today. Surprising, I know, 'cos the past few blog entries were totally of no significance. First things first, I HAVE to say something about Sinagpore Idol. I know, not everyone watches Sinagpore Idol 'cos this year, the talent hasn't been that great. As compared to the first one, I mean. So far, I'm rooting for Hady Mirza. Anyway, that's not what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about this whole Joakim and Rahimah thing. Y'know, I actually liked Joakim. I thought he was super cute! I mean, yeah, he's a horrible singer and all but I liked him! Then, my perception and opinion of him totally changed like 180 degrees after the Singapore Idol Extras. Where Daniel Ong interviewed Joakim about Rahimah's departure last week. You see, the cameras caught him crying his pretty eyes out when Rahimah sang her last song in her Idol Journey. And then, there was this clip where Joakim was all sad-looking and going, "You were the closest thing I have since the Top 28... Blah...Blah... We've been through lots of things like the scandal... Blah...Blah... I'm really gonna miss you". And it gets even MORE obvious when Rahimah made this other video clip where she went, "I know that we became very close but there are other girls, lah. Look at me... I'm so ugly... Blah...Blah" Okay, THAT part was tolerable, I guess. Then, when Daniel asked Joakim about Rahimah and why he cried, Joakim said that it was because of this fifty-dollar bet he made with Rahimah. Oh, yeah! How CONVINCING!! Crying over fifty bucks. How incredibly manly! Then, when Daniel pursued and asked more questions, Joakim started panicking and started spasing. He acted all 'sad' about the fifty dollars, like someone died or something. Fakeness to point of nausea! I almost gagged at the interview. But I thought, 'Ah, well! He'll be ousted anyway.' Turns out I was wrong with a capital 'R'!! (haha!) Mathilda was ousted instead! I wasn't really fond of her. In fact, I don't really like her but she didn't deserve to be ousted so early in the competition. Next week, people, let Joakim return to his darling Rahimah and keep the talent in!!

This week was really tiring. So tiring that I'm actually having a slight fever right now. I've been having VERY little sleep lately. All because of these tests, I've been having. And this term, I've made it a point to actually study and study HARD for all my tests.
1) A-Math Test - It was okay. I guess. But I have this feeling that I've made TONS of careless mistakes and I have this other nagging feeling that I'm gonna fail. And if I DO fail, I'll never forgive myself.
2) E-Math Test - I have a good feeling I passed
3) Social Studies Test - I hate this test. I KNOW I'll fail it.
4) Geography Elective Test - It went well. Hopefully, it'll pull up my humanities grade
5) Pure Lit Test - I don't think my essay was very good. Not enough points and definitely not enough evidence!! I'm crossing my fingers on this one
6) Chemistry Test - It went well. Mr Leow said I passed!!
7) Biology Test - One word: Eew!

So, the tests have caused me major sleep deprivation but that's okay. I vowed to slack next week!! But then, I doubt I can 'cos we have to work hard for our drama performance next week.

"Am I?"
Performance by AndersonTheater Circle
This Friday!!
People who have booked tickets please pay up by next Tuesday. Thanks! =)

Right, so, I'm focusing on the performance next week. Oh, and I have a 2/2 class gathering next Saturday!! Can't wait for that!!

Moving on, Gaya, Keetha and I went to watch a movie yesterday. It's a hindi movie so, if you're not interested, you can skip this part on my entry. We went to watch Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye) at Junction 8, GV. I almost had a seizure at the ticket counter when I found out the price of ONE ticket. ELEVEN FREAKIN' BUCKS!!! I thought it was ten dolars at most but whoa! So, it's official, I'm broke next week. Hmm... Seems like I'm forever broke! Haha! Ah, well! I suppose it was worth it. I LOVED the movie!! It was SOOOO inspiring!! It's really different from the usual hindi movies I'm used to. Not the usual cliches. In fact, the themes are quite ...erm... adult-ish. It's a story about infidelity. And about love (Duh!). Gaya was crying buckets (and I mean that literally). I cried at certain really heart-wrenching parts. You could really see their passion. They tried SO hard to not fall in love but it was impossible.

Okay, wait... Let me tell you roughly what the story's about. Shahrukh played this guy called Dev who was a rising soccer star and was married to the head editor of a popular magazine in New York, Rhea (Preity Zinta). Then, his dream was shattered when he was knocked down by a car and broke his leg permanently. He became a bitter person. Meanwhile, Maya (Rani Mukherjee) married Rishi (Abhishek) sort of unwillingly and led a super boring married life. Their lives crossed path and they found that they could really understand each other. So, they became friends and tried to salvage their failing marriage. However, they ended up fallin in love with each other. But they didn't want to hurt their spouses (plus, Dev had a son). And so they had an affair (not the usual sexual affair. It was an affair of the heart.). Somehow, their marriages improved but it felt empty 'cos they didn't really love their spouses. And when they broke the news to Rhea and Rishi, obviously, they were thrown out of their respective households. But they didn't meet until three years later...

Okay, basically the movie is SUPER touching!! And I love it SO much!! I was so inspired! But I can't continue gushing about the movie anymore 'cos I won't have enough time to talk about anything else! By the way, the songs were TOTALLY FAB!!

On Saturday, I also went to Kathleen's birthday party. Secretly. I went after the movie and met up with darling Ivan in town before going to Kat's place. Ivan was all gushing about how different I was now from before. I didn't know how I've changed but according to Ivan, I've changed quite a bit! The party was nice! I've missed Kat SOOO much! She was all surprised 'cos she thought that I couldn't make it. But I had to leave early 'cos my mom didn't know that I was there. So, I rushed back home. I got scolded, of course! But it was worth it. Oh, before I left, I wrote a birthday message on Kat's mirror with a whiteboard marker. Hahaha! I thought I should give her a small surprise. Happy Birthday, Kat!!

I'm giving my heart,
I'm bearing my soul,
But is it too much?
Am I being too bold?

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