Monday Blues

6:36 PM

To all reading this, these are the ramblings of an almost insane person. This is mostly due to the math. And the lit. And the presentations and show and tell stuff I needed to finish by tomorrow. Ah, yes! Tomorrow!! Please wish my luck people! I have this horrible feeling about tomorrow. I've always hated Mondays but tomorrow's kindda rough.

1) E-Math Test (NASTY!!)
2) Pure Lit Test (I have yet to finish reading the book)
3) My Malay Grammar presentation (which happens to be the FIRST lesson!!)
4) My Biology show-and-tell (On Chocolates!)
5) After school I STILL have to continue studying math 'cos the next day we have A-Math test!!

School ends late too. Darn... Wish me luck people! To get through the dreaded MONDAY!!! Oh, and for the tests!! =)

You make me feel special,
You make me feel new,
You make me feel loved,
With everything you do...

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