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I really don't have much to say 'cos the week was like a flash. And I really wasn't planning to blog about anything tonight. But then I read Dinah MZ's blog and I got so inspired. I mean, seriously, that girl can WRITE!! It was WHOA!! I felt like my blogging standards are like ...erm... flaccid compared to hers. If that makes sense. But you get the idea!! The thing is, I seriously DON'T have anything to talk about!! Hahaha! Ah, well!

This year's national day celebration was quite fun. And we ALL know how much I love red!! Okay, it's really reflected in my blog since it's all pink and everything. Which isn't really very me in the first place, but I really liked the layout. But that's besides the point! Monday was super Eew! Really, I felt like dying rather than going to school. Mainly because of afew reasons:
1. School ends at 2.30pm!! Like we need another hour of torture!
2. We have not one but TWO tests that day. Both of which are my sciences. Biology and Chemistry. All that science-y stuff in ONE day!! I almost had a brain concussion studying for those two subjects. Mainly Chem though 'cos I never really grasped the concept well.
3. Malay presentation
4. School ends later!! Okay, wait... I mentioned that already! I'm sorry. It really pissed me off, lah! I've been having some trouble sleeping and school ending later sounded like hell.

So since Monday sounded so horrible, I decided to encourage myself to get through the day by thinking of what I'll get after school! Which turned out to be RED socks!! It worked too! I got through the day just thinking about the awesome red socks that I'll buy for myself after school. Hmm... That sounds kindda weird. Ah, well! If you know me well enough, you'd know that I love my socks. Hahaha! Moving on to more important things, the chemistry test turned out to be pretty okay. I mean, I expected it to be MUCH worse. 'Cos Mr Leow took a day off JUST to set the paper. But it was okay, I guess. I mean, it was difficult, yeah. But not like MURDER, y'know what I mean. Bio test was ... Eew. It was atually do-able. But I was too focused on my chemistry. So, I couldn't really remember many points. However, it was okay. Yeah, and the socks were great!! =)

Oh, yeah!! National Day celebrations!! It was really funny with the merlions and face paints and everything. Though CIP wasn't too great, but the day was fun.

Today was funner!! I had a study group (though the group disintegrated to a study pair! And even then there wasn't really much studying involved. It works better in a group) and went out to a lake after that. It was soooooo relaxing.

Okay, I'm sorry. I ran out of gas to continue blogging (and time). Good luck for the up-coming exams y'all!!! =)

My eyes light up when you enter a room.
I smile when we are together.
No matter how bad things are,
You always make them better.

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