The Long Awaited entry

6:31 PM

This entry isn't really about me. I was part of this playwriting that ATC students had to go through. But the trainer came late so, Priya, Keetha and I kicked our craetive minds into hyper mode and made up this really weird and funny poem. You see, we were inspired by someone we know. And we came up with this character with this weird split personality problem. It's like one minute she's all depressed and sadistic and the next minute she's all happy and all about sunshine and daisies!!

Split-ed Poem
I hate humans! Humans suck! I want to die!DIE!DIE!DIE!!!
I hate balloons! I want to BURST them!! BURST! BURST! BURST!!!
Like a silicon boob under pressure!
I hate ice-cream cake!
Cos I hate ice-cream and I hate cake!
They are sweet and I hate sweet!
But I hate sour!
I hate bitter though I'm bitter!
Bitter is better than sweet.

Oh, by the way, I want to die. DIE! DIE! DIE!
Have I told you that before?

Sally is in the well-y
Where the froggy wants a kissy
Sally hates the froggy
So she got a little piss-y

i like BLLOOOD! bloody bloood!goth!
bloooody stuff! blooood! blooody you!
don bloody read the blooody bloood!
But I like blood!

La, la, la! Elmo's world!
Elmo's cute! And I wanna...

KILL!! KILL!! KILLLLL!!Wahahahaha!
Many say I'm crazy
I think they are crazy!
I HATE people! Have I told you that before?


Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb it's fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that mary went, mary went, mary went
Everywhere that mary went the lamb would...
Eat her head!!!

Eat-y,eat-y, eat-y! I hate eating!
I hate fat people!
I hate thin people!
I hate people! Have I told you that before?

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury?
Riding in the car would be tasty treat
Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury?
And then I can eat ... Human meat!!!

I love apples! Apples make me happy.

I'm never happy. Have I told you that before?

Bus drivers make me sick.
They say hello to random people.
They say hello to ME!!!
NO ONE says hello to me and gets away with it!

Jack and jill and went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water (so sweet of them!)
Jack fell down (Oopsie!)
And broke his crown (Oh, no! Poor thing!)
And Jill came...
With a knife!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I love my life.

I hate everything.

I told you it was weird! It's really funny 'cos Keetha, Priya and I were rapping the whole thing. It was totally hilarious!! Well, that's all for now. I don't really feel like blogging much. Good day to everyone! Good luck for the upcoming exams! =)

In this world,
There is no one else I adore
Than you...
Ever more...

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