Tara Time

11:19 PM

Hung out with Diyanah the whole day = Best time ever!

We hung out at my place. My mom practically considers her a part of our family. so nice!! We ate good food, and watched cool vids and practiced some kick-ass dance moves and looked through all my old childhood photos (which is so not part of the plan. My mum just WHIPPED them out to embarass me). It didn't feel as though I wasted the whole day eventhough I was supposed to be studying. I mean, what's the point of studying so hard when you have no friends to support you when you're down and out.

This was exactly what I needed. I felt like the crap the entire week. Actually, I felt like crap these few weeks but maybe that's 'cos I've been isolated at home like the entire time. Now that I've hung out with my friends, I feel much better. I met up with Shan, Wanting, Weijian and Nabihah as well on friday 'cos of the GP paper and it was nice to laugh and talk with them again. But I needed this day with Tarachan (that's what I call Diy, it's an inside thing. Needless of explaination) 'cos it gave me hope for the future. Like eventhough the future seems to be really sucky with all the studying and SUFFERING that I have to do for a stupid piece of paper, at least after that, I have lots of stuff to look forward to.

Family trips to Indonesia and Plan Nippon-da. Not to mention all the sleepovers to last me a lifetime. I feel much more motivated to study now. 'Cos there is something awesome for me to look forward. And I know that even when things don't go as planned, they will be there for me.

This is the last leg.

It's time to sprint.

And the good old days will come back, remixed, revamped, better than before! =D

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