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12:47 PM

Okay, I am extremely relieved that at least I've got one paper over with.

I'm happy about that. But the thing is, I thought I would do better for GP. The paper was super tough. At least I thought so. And I think I chose the wrong question for my essay. I wrote like the same essay as Enci. Which will mean that mine will look like trash compared to her. I needed dictionary.com to read her essays okay!

I'm quite disappointed seeing as I was actually looking forward to the GP essay paper. I like doing those essays, honestly. Maybe not under such stressful conditions and maybe with more time, but I like the topics and the fact that I can voice my opinion and show off my general knowledge. I was so hoping that something on the media would come out or something to do with religion or politics. ESPECIALLY racial riots. Mann, I would've loved to get that kind of question pls. I read up alot of them and I have alot of opinions.

Like about the racial riots in Xinjiang killing nearly 200 people and the weird syringe attacks on people there. I wanna say that there is no need to riot and claim that the Han Chinese need to be protected by the Uighur (muslims of Urumqi) just because it just so happens that majority of the victims are of Han ethinicity. It's not like there were no Uighur victims as well. Unless there is ocular proof, sound evidence (like the perpetrator being caught), there is no reason to throw up major protests and using violence. And I think it's so sad that muslims are always being marginalised in almost all countries and are constantly viewed as a threat. It sucks, espcially for a fellow muslim, to hear that 90% of the racial, cultural conflicts are between the muslim community and whoever.

Not only that I wanted to write my opinions about the US and it's consumerism. Why? 'Cos I think it's so interesting that the used-to-be largest carbon emitter (now it's China) pulled back from the Kyoto Protocol claiming that they will not adhere to the carbom emission cuts when developing nations like India and China are exempted. Like HELLO, it's 'cos they are developing and it was US that started the whole capitalist, consumerism trend. The oil company BP even dug the deepest oil well EVER at the Gulf of Mexico where they finally struck oil. It's alot of oil. But only sufficient to meet the US's demand of oil and fuel for about a year since it's constantly increasing each year by 2.5%. Environamentally friendly, my ass, lah.

And I actually wanted to say something about the new 'Earth' that NASA has recently found outside the solar system. Apparently it's like only 20.5 light years away, so technically it's SUPER near (yeah, not really). But it is the only planet they found in an alternate solar system that is inhabitable and can harbour some forms of life as water is present there and can be found in all three states (gaseous, liquid and ice). They named the planet Gliese 581C, which is a really horrible name 'cos it sounds so lame and star trek. And they are looking for signs of life there. One day, when the earth is dying. We might have to move there in order to survive. I just hope that isn't happening anytime soon.


Okay, I just realized that I went on and on about stuff that are really boring to most people out there but I think they are so interesting. And I wanted to write about them in my essays but I didn't really get the chance. I'm really scared that I'll do badly. Which I can't afford to 'cos GP is the only thing I am okay at.

Anyway, I finally watched UP and YOU MUST WATCH IT 'COS IT IS EXTREMELY NICE!!! I heart Pixar movies. They are the best. The animation's great. The plot is great. And the script and characters, top-notch stuff. UP is no different. I think Russell is the cutest thing in the world. Which just proves that asian kids are the cutest! HA-HA!

And omg, the starting is SO SAD. I teared up a little. But then some parts were so funny I laughed till I teared as well. I know that it's probably finishing in the theatres but you should catch it like on DVD or smth. Really worth your time. And it's nice to feel like a kid again. =)

I realized I wrote alot today. But I just felt like it so whatever. I'm gonna leave y'all with this small clip of my other fave character Dug the Dog. And Russell!!

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