The 'O' in Lone.

9:27 PM

I feel so alone and friendless.

Nothing is worse than a phone that doesn't ring.

I am barely studying properly 'cos I keep falling asleep. Stupid weather is so perfect. I am breaking out all over my face. I am GAINING weight eventhough I am freakin' fasting, like how the heck that's even possible I dunno. Everyone seems to be in this shit together with someone. And me? Plus my parents aren't being very subtle about laying on the pressure of how I MUST get into a university. They are coating me with a new layer of guilt everyday.

What if I disappoint them?!

As the eldest and so called 'ray of hope' for the family, that's out of the question. But I'm human too. I have my limitations. I hate their expectations.

I haven't been out for ages. Who will I go out with anyway? Everyone's so into their own thing. And I have mine, which is ineffective studying. Stuffing my face at home all the way till late. Yes, food is my friend. And my sister. And Tarachan.

Yet my incompetence is disgusting even to myself.

Well, at least The Used's new album is out. Something to look forward to, at least.

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