Japanese Summer Festival

8:09 PM

Blogger is back and the layout is fixed. Sooo, picture time! =D

Look at the beautiful day and the beautiful school. The day was a little hot but I thought it was perfect for a summer festival. There were tons of people. TONS. And they were all chattering in Japaneses, Chinese, whatever. It was really nice.

Pretty little girl in her Yukata. Everyone was wearing it, except us. Unfortunately. There was a whole lot of cute little children playing at this really old-school playground. They were EXTREME CUTENESS, all running around in their yukatas. We were mostly taking pictures of THEM rather then ourselves. Something about Japanese children, espcially when they speak in their native language that makes you wanna kidnap one and take one home.

Diy with her Pokemon fan. HAHA! Pikachu is so old school. And to all those people who shun animes and said they'd never watch one. DON'T LIE, mannn. Don't tell me you didn't watch pokemon, which by the way is an anime as well.

Diy and Nicole! =)

Me and Nicole! She was wearing this really pretty sundress. Tres pretty!!
Diy!! Sooooo pretty, as usual! (I took this picture, btw. Yes, bask in my brilliance) There was a huge stage on the field for all the night performances.

Me =) Look at all those people behind me. Whoa, right?

Here's how the stage looked at night. It was so nice breaking fast and eating delicious Unagi Don, with the extremely weirdo Tomato Soda which I was forced to drink 'cos all the other drinks were sold out. I only bought that one 'cos it came with a really pretty bottle. But OMG, weirddddd taste. Imagine carbonated tomato juice... Ugh. But the atmosphere made me forget about it. All four of us (Diy, Nicole, her bf and me) were seated on the grass and watching the performances while eating, lanterns above us. So cool!! =)

But then, Nicole and Nicolas had to leave early. So it was just Diy and me enjoying the rest of the show and enjoying everything (except that STUPID Wonder Girls dance made by some poly dance group who came to perform. Like HELLOOOOO, it's a japanese festival not korean. As if Jpop is so hard to find. I was so annoyed about the entire performance. What's up with everyone and the Wonder Girls. They are SO last century.) We played those Japanese festival games and I got a really pretty balloon yoyo!! =)

Then, we caught the shuttle bus back to Expo and hung around for while, chatting, wishing that the night would never 'cos then we'd have to get back to reality and all the shitty stuff that come with it. We decided to go to Changi and take a straight bus home, on our way there we met this business man from Shanghai who asked us for directions and we ended talking with him. He was so articulate and funny and cool. I wish I could travel like him in the future.

It's nice to meet strangers sometimes.

But it's nicer to spend time with your best friends. =)
'Cos we are... TARACHAN-SU!!
(If you don't get it, watch love Shuffle)


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