9:02 PM

Blogger is being weird again. God. If this continues I might be considering moving to Livejournal. The format is all screwed up and no matter how many times I refresh, it stays screwed up. I was actually planning on talking about the Japanese Summer Festival that I attended last saturday with Diyanah and her friends Nicole and Nicholas. Diy and I have been planning for that day since forever. Although like a whole lot of things didn't go as planned, including us having to drink this UBER WEIRDO japanese soft drink which is basically tomato soda (YES, carbonated tomato juice) and miscommunication with the yukata lady, we had an awesome time.

I would POST some PICS and tell you all about it. But blogger's being a real bitch and not letting me do anything. =( I guess I'll have to post it next time. Hopefully, the layout is fixed by then.

On my home today after I spent an hour plus, browsing through tons of CDs at HMV (my main aim was to buy an earpiece) I saw this RJC girl rush in the train and took a seat. She immediately whips out some essay thingy and her pencil case (like in the freakin' mrt train) and starts writing an essay whilst the train was moving... And all I was doing was bopping along to my new fave band 'StereoPony' and planning to go home and sleep. I felt a WAVE of nausea. Literally. =(

God. I hate smart people. Why must they always be so OVER-achieving? It totally belittles what little achievements we get.

Those robots. Ugh.

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