Shoes To Escape

8:08 PM

Tests, tests, tests.

I just had a math timed-practice today which was extreme torture. It was so weird how so freakin' slowly time went by. I was dying half way through the paper 'cos I really felt like just giving up. All I want is just one day to sleep. One whole day to sleep and just NOT care about the stupid A'levels and prelims and all these mini tests that occur almost daily.

I've got guilty pleasure to keep me alive. Like how I have depleted my entire allowance on food and shoes, yet again. I SWEAR, I HAVE TO STOP BUYING SHOES!! I'm losing such a huge part of my allowance on shoes. But they so pretty... Once I see one I really like, no matter how hard I try to talk myself out of it, I'll keep thinking about it until I BUY it and own it. I mean, I only have two feet and I'm in uniform 99.9999% of the time nowadays. So, I hardly even get wear anything nice anymore.

But shoes are just so pretty...

And they are SUCH a good investment. =)

I'll definitely need them in the future. It's a necessity.

Plus, these days, I've been filled with conflicting feelings. Somedays, I just wish for time to pass as quickly as possible. I want the weekends to come sooo bad. At the same time, I know that it'll just be make the prelims and As come nearer and closer. Just thinking about it makes me foam in the mouth. It's so scary.


Nevermind. JAPANESE SUMMER FESTIVAL this saturday with Tarachan will make this week bearable!

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