National Day Mayhem

10:04 PM

Is it just me or is the blogger format a little weird? Is there something wrong with the site??

Anyway, I'm not planning a large complicated post so it's cool. I am happy with my new Guy Laroche specs. For those of you who are clueless to this brand, let me say that it is a good couture brand equivalent to those of high fashion so I am happy at the price at which I got them (although they might be a tad bit pricey and over my budget). Still, I am glad i got them. They so clear and don't fall of my nose when I look down.

The A'levels are destroying my life.

It's just so... I dunno. Unbelievable how my confidence slips through my fingers every single day as I reach closer to the Doom date. It's so scary. And I hate how I have to give up so many things that used to make my life worthwhile and worth living. I hate how I have to sacrifice all that just to torture myself further and achieve something in my life. And the worst thing is that I'm not achieving anything. Smart people are so lucky.

National Day was fun though, thanks to my class. I love it how we are so enthu. It makes simple things so much more fun. We sang all the national day songs (my class can make a choir, we are so talented in singing due to our superior KBOX skills) and played the games. I almost killed a guy during the captain ball match. This basketball guy kept guarding me and jumping to intersect the balls. I got so pissed I had to literally bang him and jump until our backs crash against each other just to even stand a chance. PLUS I HAVE AN OBVIOUS HEIGHT DISADVANTAGE. So one time, I got really deteremined and banged him totally and kinda pulled his hair a little. BUT I managed to get the ball and it went by so quick the referee didn't even see.


Shan smashed a girl's boobs and smacked her specs accidentally. My class is so funny. But I think the dude recognises me now 'cos he kinda stares at me in a scared way when I walk by him. I am so sorry, basketball guy! It was an accident. I am not always so violent.

Okay, quite untrue. But it really was an accident.

Anw, I have to go and study for another test tomorrow.

(I've got three ulcers in my mouth and one is at the tip of my tongue. I'm really sad 'cos it hurts so bad)

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