Brain Drain. Money Drain.

10:39 PM

Night study has begun and everyone's mugging everywhere I go. It's a scary sight but that's just how it is in JC, barely four months away from the big A's. Everything so crazy. For the first time in years I'm having ACTUAL VISIBLE dark eye circles. I don't usually get that unless, it's really bad. Plus, gaining tremendous amount of weight due to my constant snack eating in order to keep awake as read through all my boring notes.

I have never felt more hideous in my life. It's so tragic. I dare not lift my head when I'm alone and travelling or going out. I don't really want people to see me, since I'm not really caring about how I look now. My brain has been draining and I am seriously left with nothing. I gross myself out. Everyone else is working hard and getting some form of result, I on the other hand don't see much or any improvement anywhere.

It's so disheartening.

And not only that, I feel really bad for my parents who have to pay for everything just to make up for my lack of intelligence. Tuition fees are SO EFFING UNREASONABLE!! How can one month's worth of once a week tuition for two hours per session cost over 300 dollars?! This is called EXPLOITATION!! What about those lower-income people (like me) who need the help and will probably not do well and thus have a horrible future because of it. This is like a freakin' poverty cycle, man. Trash, I tell you. Just because it's JC doesn't mean they can charge us so much. Those Assholes. I feel so bad for my parents right now. I told them I will only go for one month. I don't care. I won't let them spend so much on stupid tuition. I rather they spend it on something else seriously. 300 bucks can last us months worth of groceries and not to mention bills.

On the bright side, I will finally get my specs. Planning to order them tomorrow. I needed new specs for quite sometime since my current specs are rusting at the hinges making it loose. I tell you, my specs are my only source of happiness right now. My contacts have been hurting me so badly 'cos they're extremely dry and hard on sleepy eyes like mine.

Tmr's national day celebration! And NYJC does not allow their students to wear red and white... House tees only. No national day celebrations or songs. Sports day instead 'cos they can merge them together instead of having two separate events... Can't say I'm surprised. They never fail to disappoint me with their COMPLETE lack of enthusiasm.

Happy Birthday Singapore?

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