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Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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The moment I saw that this was out I practically ran to the bookstore to get it. But then I hesitated to even start on it because of the way the last book 'Delirium' ended, I was unsure if I wanted to see what happened. I felt like ending was so tragic and resolute that I don't even know how the author could even continue the plot. I was actually surprised that Delirium was a series and not a stand-alone. Curiosity, eventually caught up with me and I finally got into the book. Which turned out to be REALLY GOOD. I knew Lauren Oliver would never let me down!! Should never have even doubted her. The book turned out amazing. Although I would say that the feel of this is totally different from the previous book. It took me awhile to get over that and really get into the story.

The book picks up immediately from where Delirium ended and we follow Lena into the Wilds where the Invalids (people who refused the cure) lived. We see how the Wilds turned Lena into a totally different person from how she was in the past. I really see her as an adult now, even if she isn't very old to begin with. She came close to the brink of death and was saved by a bunch of Invalids who took her into their 'tribe' and there, she learnt how to survive. Here, she questions whether a life like this is worth living, even with 'love'. And then, she joins the Resistance and goes against an organization called DFA that is advocating that the cure to be pushed forward so that the youth can be cured of 'Deliria' earlier, despite the health risks that might be involved. The head of this movement is Thomas Fineman and his son, Julian (aka the enemies of the Resistance). We then see an epic revolution and fight to love and live life without rules.

I think Pandemonium is very much more action-packed than Delirium. I love how Lauren Oliver switches from past to present, between the chapters and thus, something is ALWAYS happening. She gives out information in pieces and I had fun trying to piece together what had truly happened to Lena in the Wilds for her to change this way. It was like a giant puzzle. Once again, the writing is amazing. I really love how Lauren Oliver puts things. She makes action scenes exciting and poignant at the same time. I don't know how she does it, but she does.

I thought I wouldn't like the new characters because I grew so attached to Hana and Alex. I thought it would suck without them. But the new characters added a different flavour to the plot. There is definitely good character development in Lena as I felt that she truly hardened and has grown up from her previous idealistic character. Raven and Tack are great new characters with really interesting back-stories. But my favourite is Julian, no doubt. Which is surprising to me, because I honestly thought no one can replace Alex. I think the reason why I liked Julian so much is 'cos he isn't Alex's replacement. He is completely different and the misunderstood "enemy". I love how the roles of Lena and Julian are reversed and we find Lena in similar shoes as Alex, in Delirium. The scenes between the two protagonists are super intense.

I also really liked how we get to explore the world more. There is definitely more world-building in this novel and a sense that something BIG is gonna happen in the last book to the trilogy. And let me just say, the ENDING was like OMFG. I was literally thinking "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME". I cannot believe that I have to wait so long to find out what happens next. She left us with a mind-bending cliffhanger and revelation, I was totally caught off-guard. Again, I am left with a million question marks at the end. I don't know how she can move forward after such an ending but I'm sure the last book to this series would be as awesome as ever.

Honestly, one of my favourite young adult series.

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