The Lover's Dictionary

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The Lover's DictionaryThe Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan
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Rating: 4 stars

I have been wanting to get my hands on this one for a while. From the gorgeous cover to the concept, it really sounds like a unique book. And everyone knows how awesome David Levithan is. Especially at putting everyday things in such a poignant manner. This is one of my first David Levithan books and now I am excited to read more of his works.

This book basically is an honest telling of a love story, of a couple in a relationship through words in a dictionary. Each word depicts moments in a couple's life together and we see how they develop as people and as lovers. From the mundane to the sweet, we catch a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface of a relationship and attempt to decipher the true meaning of love.

The thing about David Levithan is that he is really good at pointing out things that we have always known but tend to ignore. Be it feelings or events in life that we usually glance over. And then we realize the significance of these everyday things and how integral they are to the fabric of our lives. If you are in a relationship, this book would be something that would give you small epiphanies and if you aren't, this book allows you for an honest look inside.

I don't really have much to say about this because I think it would be more meaningful for those who are either in a relationship or have just been out of a relationship. Either way it is a really lovely book. It's modern, young and a slice of life.

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