In Transit.

12:21 PM

I am looking at the polaroids sprawled out in front of me and I think about all the new people I have met in this past few months that have somehow began to mean something to me. Slowly I am feeling like a transit stop, like a station where people just come and go. We meet, make memories and then they leave. On to bigger better things, hopefully. And I am left with the pictures of our grinning faces, snapshots of the not-so-distant past as I am stuck at this transit point in my life. These people have become my landmarks. Marking points in my life that grow more distant as the minutes tick on and time moves ahead.

Soon enough the feeling of missing someone will always remain. It will always be there, haunting me, constantly gnawing at me. Soon I will be old enough or have made enough memories to the point where I will be missing someone every minute of the day. And that emptiness, that indescribable hollow feeling will only continue to expand.

Right now, I have to fight it. I have to make sure that the feeling of missing someone won't take away the attention that I give to the people who are with me now. I fill that space with the people in transit at the moment. I live in the present and when I am alone, I gaze at these snapshots and live in the past.

There is no future for the transit stop. It remains a pitstop, never a destination.

And I keep these snapshots of each person that stop by, in my heart.

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