Mopey Rant.

2:58 PM

I think I am gonna make it a point to blog regularly, even if I am not talkin' about books. Because as much as this is a book blog, it is also a personal one and I should chronicle my life more. Now that I am officially an adult.

Right now, I busying myself with work. Though at times I dunno why I do the things that I do. I keep trying to prove myself but I think the more I work, the more I get confused as to my real value in the grand scheme of things. All I know is that my caffeine addiction is at an all time high thanks to this job. I really do enjoy working though.

Meanwhile, thanks to all this, my writing and reading has taken a backseat. Which really worries me 'cos that was the whole point of summer break. It is to catch up on both these things. Both of which are an integral part of me. So, I guess maybe this is why I feel like I am losing myself a little. Also, I am craving some sort of change in my life. I am debating whether to dye my hair or SOMETHING. But I doubt I will be able to do that since my health in general has been questionable. My hair keeps falling off and I'm not eating as healthy and my sleep cycle is at its most screwed up stage. I just don't feel good about myself when I should be feeling carefree and enjoying my days off from school. Instead, I've been looking really crap. When I say crap, I mean awful skin, awful hair, awful body (gaining weight)... Seriously need to get my shit together. Just about ZERO confidence right now.

Okay, okay. Enough moping, Hanan!

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