Woes of an NUS undergrad.

3:18 PM

*breathe in* annndd *breathe out*


*goes off makes some tea*

Okay, I'm back and I am somewhat calm.

This post is a rant. So you are warned...

SERIOUSLY. What is UP with my life lately?! It is just a bloody MESS. A BLOODY fucking mess. For the past week, I've missed school entirely and was practically bed-ridden thanks to a major flu bug, fever and throat infection, which LASTED DAYS~!!! Like literally DAYS. I was in bed for 5 whole days and that is record 'cos I usually feel better in two days tops. But I was miserable. Blowing my nose and I had about a gazillion drugs to take. I was like a drugged cow. I am finally getting slightly better. The weather is just seriously freezing and I find myself sleeping with three layers of blankets.


And then I went out with Keetha yesterday just to make myself feel better. My mom says I should get up and try and do smth normal since I am starting to feel better. So I just went out with keetha to just chill and walk around. But obviously since I was still under the weather, I didn't bother much with my outfit and face. AND OF COURSE, just on the day when I probably look like absolute SHIT, I bump into 023984093284093284 people I know. OF-COURSE. Though it was nice to see Wan Cheng and Julin, I really looked shitty and they were so glammed up. Gosh.

Well, whatever.

THEN TODAY, I wake to find myself under a pile of crap as I had to research and print out forms in the morning. Mainly 'cos I have to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan for the rest of my University fees, which I would have to slave my way into paying back. It's fantastic that I would graduate with a ton of debt. Just makes my existence on Earth just about THAT much rosier.

So I would have to go into DBS bank early in the morning tmr and get this sorted out. Or else, I might not even be able to graduate. On top of that I found out that I had clashing tutorials and lectures and the bidding rounds for my modules were over. SO BASICALLY I WAS SCREWED. I had to call up a bunch of NUS people and finally had to drop a module and write an appeal to replace that module with a different one.




JUST ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER. And on top of that, everything just feels so so much worse with a splitting headache and a stuffed nose. I just wanna curl up and forget all the awful problems and ... I dunno. =(

It's like nothing is making me feel better. My books lay in a pile, forgotten 'cos I just feel too exhausted to even pick them up. Makeup and products are not making feel any better 'cos I can't afford most of them and my skin is looking quite ruddy (which is just a nicer way in saying that it looks like absolute shit on ice), after being sick all week and having 'that-god-awful-Time-of-the-bloody-month'. So no makeup looks good on me anyway.



I have just about a million things to do tmr. And I have a wedding job thing at night. I honestly NEED to find some energy and willpower. I honestly dunno how I will survive this semester. I feel exhausted already. And it's only the beginning of the semester and January.



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