Again The Magic.

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Again The Magic (Wallflowers, #0.5)Again The Magic by Lisa Kleypas

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Rating: 3 stars

“I want morning and noon and nightfall with you. I want your tears, your smiles, your kisses...the smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face. I want to see you in the final hour of my lie in your arms as I take my last breath.” - McKenna

This was an exceptionally quick read for me. I bought this book after hearing that this was essentially the prequel to the Wallflower series by the same author. And I LOVE that series sooo sooo much. And because I read that series first, my expectations for this book was undeniably high. In which case, this book, in my opinion, does fall short compared to its other compatriots of the same series. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable read and I still love Lisa Kleypas's writing.

The story is about a stable boy named McKenna and Aline, a girl from a distinguished family. They grew up together as playmates and eventually fell in love as they grew older. However, after their affair was found out, McKenna bore the brunt of the consequences and was sent away by Aline's father who threatened to destroy him for thinking of 'reaching higher than the stables'. In her efforts to protect McKenna and prevent him from coming back to her and in turn, facing the wrath of her father, Aline broke his heart and purposely sent him away. McKenna moved to America, a bitter broken-hearted man and decided to make a name for himself, vowing revenge on Aline and her family. Twelve years later, McKenna returns to Stony Cross not as a servant but as a guest. He had become a rich businessman and hatched a plan to woo Aline and ruin her reputation, as she had ruined his heart. What he didn't know what how Aline had changed since his departure and the secrets that she harbored in the twelve years that has passed.

There is also a subplot romance between McKenna business partner and friend, Gideon Shaw and Aline's younger sister, Livia. Both romances are really great. Though I find the names Aline and McKenna seriously strange. I keep thinking of A-line skirts everytime I read her name. But then again, that doesn't matter as much. All the characters are pretty good though McKenna takes the cake for his brooding nature and that sort of bubbling passion underneath a seemingly cold man. My favourite character in the whole book is actually Marcus, Aline's brother who I think is the only rational and realistically portrayed character in the book. His attempts to protect his sisters were endearing, eventhough he can get a bit meddlesome. But he isn't over the top and is the most genuine one in my opinion.

My only gripe(s) with this book is the excess of "passionate" scenes that ruined otherwise poignant romantic moments. I mean, I already FEEL the sexual tension. I just wished that it was held longer. And I didn't care for the countless scenes where they ALMOST get there and then the guy sort of pushes the girl off and "gathers his wits". I mean, hell, they were practically doing it so go on then! LOL!! Another thing that was a pet-peeve were the girls practically BEGGING to be bedded. The guys had to refuse them so that they can keep their dignity intact. I'm like "C'mon now ladies. Keep your skirts on for 5 seconds". Especially Livia who only knew Gideon for 2 weeks before she ran after him (like a smitten puppy) to London and practically charged into his bedroom demanding for sex. Keeping in mind that this is the victorian era, even in TODAY'S world, that sounds pretty desperate. So I can only imagine how scandalous her actions were at that time. And it makes me think that her love for her previous husband was not even legit.

Other than the rushed romance of Livia & Gideon and the excess of passionate scenes, there are several scenes with McKenna and Aline that were truly touching. I especially loved the bit towards the end where Aline tried to send McKenna away again. It was really heart-breaking. And McKenna should get an award for his confession, it was enough to make ANY girl swoon. Soooo freakin' romantic, omg. THIS is why girls love historical romance novels. His grand speech, professing his love can melt any girl into a puddle. This is something Lisa Kleypas is very good at, making absolutely swoon-worthy male characters.

While too good to be true. They are such lovely fantasies to indulge in.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. But it's nothing too spectacular, and not one of Lisa's best if you look at her work. It was overly raunchy in my opinion and at times loses the "victorian feel" in certain moments (that made me raise my brow *ehem* Think Rubber). But otherwise the romance between Aline and McKenna is very endearing!

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