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I have been neglecting my blog SO much that I never even realized the change in the blogger site. I just logged in and went like WHOA!! Schmancy~ Blogger totally upped itself. I like this new look for blogging but I dunno if it will make changing my blog template harder. We all know what a tech noob I am, especially when it comes to HTMLs. That stuff is the death of me.

I suppose I should do an update. Right now I have been super busy. SUPER BUSY with school and work. I am working overnight and schooling in the day. Yes, I do realize how absolutely crazy that sounds. Yes, I know, I know. HENCE, you cannot blame me for not keeping up with regular posts. (Or just posting AT ALL in general) I honestly CANNOT wait till the end of my semester and I get back to doing the things that I love such as reading books and reviewing them. And going out with my friends, instead of seeing them only at work. Which can be a real downer 'cos work is such a stressful environment now. This month, I really abused my body with my hectic schedule. But then I truly found out my physical limits. You would be surprised at how much your body can endure so long as your mind is not paying attention to it.

On top of that, some personal stuff cropped up. For the first time ever, my social life is actually a factor that is contributing stress into my life. Usually it is just DEAD. Which leads me to think, do I even want a social life if it's gonna give me this much grief? This led to emo text posts on my tumblr blog. Because, obviously, that is the best place to be emo. Any super emo post here would stick out like a sore thumb, plus I am not exactly super proud of the lame language used in most emo posts that just sounds like melodramatic whining.

It is of course, my exam week. Facebook is filled with status updates of people mugging their asses off and pictures of readings and people getting their shit done. And I am... working and just breezing through lecture notes. Naively thinking that looking through the headlines in my CNN app if equivalent to an hour's worth of studying. Haha!

I am such an exemplary undergrad.

Anyway, all I can think about is LONDON LONDON LONDON. This year, I think I might actually make it there. But it's still too soon to tell. I am hoping to book my tickets once the semester is over. OH GOD. And I CANNOT wait to pick up my books proper again. Seriously. My mind, as usual, is already in holiday mode. God help me.

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