Resolutions Come and Go.

12:59 PM

Gosh, I am horrible at html. Can you believe this took me like the whole night to pick a blogskin and figure it out? Epic FAIL. Anyway, I managed to change my blogskin. Finally. I don't even know how long I had the previous one for. Probably slightly more than a year. Well, I just picked a simple one for easy usage. No clicking and stuff. What you see is what you get.

so what does this blog has in store for you this new year... Hmmm. Still figuring that out. Probably just a documentation of my life, in general and mostly what I'm reading. I'm gonna try and blog more, but now that I have two blogs it gets a bit hard to keeping posting stuff.

I know that I said I don't wanna be doing resolutions. But I thought it would be good to stick to some RULES that I will be governing myself to and perhaps some small things I can work towards this year.

☛ Go visit Jen in the UK. (huge dream that I've been trying to achieve since last year. Still in progress.)

☛ Buy less makeup/skincare (God knows, I have way too many)

☛ Restrict to only two nail polishes each month.

☛ Only allow myself to buy TWO pairs of shoes for the whole 2012. (Whoa.)

☛ Read all the books on my shelf. (Seriously need to get this done)

☛ Buy less books. (There just isn't anymore space after I hauled afew before the year end. Will have a post on that haul soon)

☛Lose weight. (Every year. And FAIL every time.)

☛ Redecorate my room. AND KEEP IT CLEAN. (somewhat.)

☛ Always find cheaper alternatives. Prevent splurges.

☛ Pass this uni sem

☛ Accept everything that happens and get through it calmly. (BE A HIPPPIE. Channel my inner-hippie)

☛ Write more. Poems, etc.

OKAY. I think that's more than enough. And THAT, my friends, are my mini goals. As you can see I'm not an over-achiever. I won't be all "Get GPA of 4.9, Save 100000 bucks by end of year, Get my weight down to 39kg, Read ALL the books in the library, Write a thesis on the origins of homosapiens, invent a time-travelling machine..."


...Yeeaaaaahhhh, let's just leave that to Phineas & Ferb.


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