December To-Be-Read

12:14 PM

Hello, fellow Nerd-lings!!

I'm watching tons of the December To-Be-Read vlogs by all the booktubers and I am so tempted to make my own. 'Cos I feel that this month I probably would be staying at home most of the time seeing as it's always gloomy and rainy outside and I'm kinda going through a weird phase with my skin. It's really freakin' out and I dun wanna piss it off more by slapping on makeup and trying to cover up all the breakouts. So, I'm just gonna stay at home and let my skin settle down. I was contemplating going back to the doctor, 'cos you guys might not know this but I finally got off my acne meds. I guess, my skin is kinda trying to get used to things and it's obviously more prone to breakouts now, now that I dun have the meds to help it out. I was so so so tempted to go back and DEMAND for him to put me back on the drugs, but I got lazy thanks to the rain... And I feel like I shouldn't rely on antibiotics and chemicals too much.

HENCE, I'm just gonna let my skin PURGE. If things get wayyy too nasty, I might go back to the doctor. But for the meantime, I really wanna try and make-do without.

SO, seeing as I will spending tons of time at home, you will be guaranteed more blogging and more reading will be what I see in the near future.

I decided to try a hand at the whole December To-Be-Read pile and I do have quite afew books lined up. So you guys can look forward to these reviews that are most likely to come up, IF I dun get sidetracked and read another that is out of the list.

1. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
2. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
3. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
4. Persuasion by Jane Austen

I will just leave it AT THAT. I dun read incredibly fast so I'm hoping to get through all that. PLUS, I get super distracted with the internet and youtube and blogging. It's hard to keep up with my reading schedule. SO ANYWAYS, that will be the four main books that I'mma try and finish this December. AND ALSO, I MIGHT (MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT) pick up one or two more books 'cos Prologue is having a sale for members and OMG, it looks amazing. a bazaillion times better that the Bookfest deals (which kinda pisses me off). BUT WHATEVER. I might go have a look this weekend and cheap some stuff out.

HOPEFULLY, I can restrain myself and not buy any. (I can't resist not checking it out)

ALSO, another good christmas sale or deal that I think loads of people will be interested in is the one for STARBUCKS.

As you know, I am a coffee addict. I love my coffee, teas and lattes. I will literally fall off the face of this earth without them and would probably be in mental ward by now 'cos they keep me sane and happy. Especially the Christmas flavours at Starbucks. They are just AMAZING-NESS and DELICIOUS-NESS of EPIC PROPORTIONS. Do not even get me started on Toffee Nut Latte. OMG, that stuff is orgasmic.

Starbucks is having a Buy 1 get 1 free for Grande Sized Holiday drinks and also some cool discounts on their gorgeous Tumblers (which I will definitely pick one up). But the offers are different on different days from 1st to 12th Dec. Go to their facebook page, to check them out. Here is a preview on the upcoming treats. =)

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