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Oh my goodness, I am finally done with my exams and that means that I am finally done with my third Semester in NUS. Can you believe that?! How fast is time flying by right now. Anw, I dun wanna talk about how I have majorly screwed up this semester, eventhough I literally studied my ass off. But I got quite unlucky...


Okay, I dun wanna talk about it. 'Cos I will probably die of regret and sadness. Anyways, I was supposed to do some MAJOR reading the whole day today before I start going out. I know that I owe y'all a review and I'm currently giving the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare another chance, eventhough the first book TRAUMATISED me to no end. I still gave the second book a chance. I PROMISE a good review on that soon.

But what got me so occupied today was setting up my new beauty blog! Gosh, setting up a blog is HARD. Wayyyy harder than maintaining it. First I had to choose which one wordpress, blogger, livejournal or tumblr... I just stuck with blogger 'cos I have an account and I am most comfortable with this one, after years of blogging. BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT ALL MY HTMLs. I practically had to re-learn everything. It was such a hassle. And it took the whole night!!



YAYYYY!!! I just wanted to make that announcement. So any of you girls (or guys) wanna check it out, just click at the link below. I did a blog post to start it off. More will come soon. =D

Beauté Blabber

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