Lena's giveaway.

12:45 AM

Alrighty , everyone!

As you know, the Christmas season has arrived and that means TONS and TONS of giveaways. Like blogs and youtube channels are conducting giveaways left and right. It's quite amazing. Plus, most are international. SO do check out your fave youtuber and blogs to see if they have anything special planned this season.

One bookblogger I follow, Lena Sledge, is giving out a FREAKIN' Kindle Touch. Can you imagine that?!! She recently hit 1000 followers and this is her gift to all of us. Of course there are like lots of entries, but it never hurts to try and who knows?? The prize is certainly KICKASS 'cos I have been DYING to get a Kindle since for-ev-ah. I know my fellow Nerdlings are too. So hop on the Rafflecopper and try your luck! =) It runs till 18 Dec.

You can just click on the link below.

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