Procratinate update.

11:49 PM

Quick quick update.

I am only taking a short break eventhough I shouldn't be taking one. Honestly, this is my worst week ever. It's like just when I think life in NUS cannot get any worse, life happens and the bloody school proves me wrong yet again. This week in itself, I have to prepare for a 10 minute oral presentation on an article critique (one of the readings) and I also have a friggin' 2000 word essay to deal with regarding the International Bill of Human Rights. On top of that I have to memorise my script for my Oral Exam this Thursday. So basically to sum it up in two simple words: I'M SCREWED.

But what is life without its ability to screw us over. All I'm thinking about is the weekend and if I can just make it through this week, I can reward myself with a little something at the weekend. Also, another sucky thing that happened is that I had an allergic reaction to my SUPER EXPENSIVE Smith's Rosebud Salve in Mocha Rose (smells like chocolate, omg). And so I suffered from a major lip infection where I had sores and cuts all over my lips. Plus it was super dry and chapped the entire time. I had to go to the doctor and take oral medication on top of putting on this liquid thing, WHICH BURNS LIKE A MOTHER when I put it on. It feels like putting alcohol on open wounds... but instead, on my lips. Sooooo, yea. Safe to say I screamed like a mad woman everytime I put it on.

But thankfully it is somewhat cured. Only slightly red and I just have to be careful. Apparently, every damn part of my body is sensitive now. Which I assume is a just a sign of old age catching up. 'Cos this was never the case when I was younger. I could slather radioactive sludge on myself and still be immune.

Oh. Well.

I cannot even explain how exhausted I am, but I am determined to finish up at least the point of my presentation tonight. And then deal with the points of my essay tmr. So that I can start crafting out an essay of some sort on Wed onwards. THIS IS VERY SYSTEMATIC (and idealistic thinking in my part). 'Cos I am not taking into account my short attention span and the allure of youtube (my greatest weakness). I'm gonna try my best though.

Because of all this shit happening this week, I hardly have time to read my 'City of Bones', which is turning out pretty good. Instead, I have to read dry-as-desert theories on realism, liberalism and constructivism. FABULOUS. Who wouldn't wanna trade action-packed fantasy adventure filled with warlocks and shadowhunters with theories on the security dilemma and cultural relativism in human rights?! Bloody hell.

Anw, I wanna talk about the Borders clearance sale I went to with Diy and Munira (who went crazy with the books). Thankfully for me, I managed to stick to my list and only got 2 books, which I will introduce soon. =) I promise to do another mini-haul soon.

And Hopefully do a review for City of Bones, if TIME would somehow allow me to, and my strength enables me to get through this horrid week.

OKAY. I think I have procrastinated enough. Off to work.

*shoots myself*

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