Book Haul #6 (mini)

12:43 AM

I just finished my 2000-word essay on the liberalism in the International Bill of Human Rights and its discussion on the universality. RIVETING STUFF. *note: heavy sarcasm* I was too busy with my presentation so I only managed to start it this morning. I rushed it and when I finally got it done (with all the bloody citations), I realized that I misread the deadline and missed it. It was 12.00PM not 12.00AM. SO HAY! I will penalized for a late submission. Eventhough I slaved the entire day away trying to get it submitted on time.

Life screws me over again.

Well, I've calmly accepted and just submitted the paper anyway. Whatever. Late submission. I dun care. I am just glad that this week is coming to a close and that I survived the shit presentation (which went HORRIBLY btw, the class shot me with questions and the other presenters were wayyy too good). Now that the essay is over and done with as well, I am left with my weekend to grill for my upcoming oral test and my language exam which will be in the week after next. I guess, technically, I can't really relax, and I can't say that it's all over. BUT, I prefer studying for my language class than read boring crap about politics ANY DAY. So, yeeaaaa~

I'm gonna reward myself with a bit of reading tonight. I'm gonna try my best to finish my book quickly and get up a review. SO FAR... It's all right... Not really loving it. But I'm hoping that the series gets better. I was thinking of completing the series in one shot, but I think I might need a break from Cassandra Clare and read a book from a different genre next. BESIDES, reading. I'mma go reward myself tmr with a little beauty shopping at a makeup sale that Jen and I will be going to, after school. I'm hoping to get some good bargains. =)

MEANWHILE, I will show you guys what I got from the borders sale last week that Diy, Munira and I went to. Lemme just say that it was CRAZEH. There were a bazillion people and the line for the cashier snaked for MILES AND MILES. We stood in line, waiting to pay for like an HOUR. The buys were great and Munira and Diy each got themselves a HAUL. Since I had a pretty big haul quite recently, I FORCED myself to stick to my "To-read" list. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many at all. I only managed to get two books. But they are from a series that I am really dying to get started on. (Too bad I am not the type of person who can read several books at one time)

So I got "The Other Countess" by Eve Edwards. Just LOOK at that gorgeous cover! How can anyone resist. This book is set in 1582 (HELL YEAH~!) and it's about this man named Will who is dirt poor and needs to marry back his family into fortune, but ends up falling in love with a penniless girl, with nothing to her name except a worthless Spanish title. THIS SOUNDS FREAKIN' GOOD!!! It has been FOREVER since I indulged myself with a good old historical romance novel. I used to read nothing but that. I've stopped ever since I started to get into the hyped up and young adult genre books. I am so glad I managed to find it SOMEHOW in that mess that was the clearance sale (it was ridiculous).

I miraculously also managed to find Book 2 in the Lacey Chronicles (this series) and got "The Queen's Lady" by Eve Edwards. I'm not too sure about what this book is about. But I think it's along the lines of Lady Jane falling in love with a guy who then had to set sail to America. Meanwhile, her life starts falling apart and they dunno whether he will return to save her in time. Ohhhh, mannnn~ EXCITING!!

Honestly, I feel like just dropping the book I am currently reading (City of Bones) and starting on this series ASAP. 'Cos I miss reading historical romances SO MUCH. But I'mma wait. 'Cos I have this thing about finishing books that I've started. So, I won't start anything until I am done with this one.

If only I had this much discipline when it comes to things that matter such as school.

LOL. THAT IS SUCH A JOKE. (never gonna happen, people.)

Anw, I am off to read a few pages before hopping into bed and getting ready for school tmr morning. It's like I never get a break. THE NEVER ENDING CRAP.

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