Ripped Lips & Makeup Hauls.

2:53 PM

So, since I had a hard week, I went out to an Expo beauty sale with Jenny after my lecture and I have to say, it was TOTALLY worth the trip. Eventhough I ended up spending on stuff I didn't really NEED per say, they were SUCH great bargains. Both of got a HAUL of goodies. It wasn't like a huge, huge sale, like the Borders one. More like a fair? The point is it was really great. Though I probably won't be able to buy anything for the rest of the month. STILL, buying make-up is the best feeling EVER.

There were tons of brands like L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier... etc. They even had hair products like Redken and even skincare brand like La Roche Posay and Vichy. It was pretty random. All I know is that they were practically BEGGING you to take their products and clear their stock. Literally, there were signs that said, "ONLY $5, JUST BUY IT". LOL!! It made Jen and I crack up. I kinda went a little crazy. I bought my Vichy Normaderm Day Moisturiser as it was selling super cheap and I have a feeling I'm gonna run out soon. It's basically the ONLY moisturiser I use on my face, like once a day. Then, I went crazy with the liners. As you all know, I am an eyeliner JUNKIE. I've been having this huge obsession with fun liners, since I hardly have time to put on eyeshadow and stuff. Especially for school. It's a quickest way to dress up a look. And I NEVER leave the house without a type of liner on me. 'Cos I feel so naked without it. It makes me SO uncomfortable. Plus, ppl won't be able to find my eyes without it anyway. So I LOVE LINERS.

I got Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liners, which are THE BEST EYE LINERS EVER, in brown and purple. I am not done with my black one and I had that since forever. It comes with a brush to apply the liner with and that thing is AMAZING. You dun have to wait for it to dry, unlike liquid liners. But they dun smudge like pencil liners. It's the best of both worlds and it glides on soooo smoothly. They were only selling for seven bucks so I just got both of them. I dun have a purple liner anyway and my Elf cream liner in brown is absolute CRAP. Another liner I got was the L'oreal HIP metallic liners in Gold. It's a pencil liner but with a really creamy consistency. And it lasts a friggin' long time. I am SUPER impressed by this liner. I think it even beats out my favourite LA Splash or Rimmel one simply 'cos it's so pigmented and sooooo smooth & long-lasting. So yea~ REALLY HAPPY I GOT THOSE.

There were a couple of great eyeshadow duos and palettes. Jenny got 2 duos from L'oreal and they look friggin' gorgeous. One was greenish and the other blue. I didn't get any 'cos Keetha got me a HUGE Coastal Scents palette that has like a bazillion colours in them. So I dun think I ever need to shop for eyeshadows EVER again. LOL! But I did get a couple of lip glosses. I refrained from buying lipsticks (as I already have SO MANY), eventhough I am always so attracted to them. I got the L'oreal 6 Hour Glam Gloss in 'Strawberry Mix' (it's a ridiculously flattering shade of dark pink). Keetha raves on and on about them, so I thought I would give it a try. It's really pigmented for a gloss, I really love the sheen as well. But it tingles a bit when I put it on, but maybe it's just me and my super sensitive lips. I also got another gloss, but this one in tube-form. I got the Maybelline Fruity Jelly in the shade 'Golden Papaya' (which is a shimmery, almost metallic coral orange). Simply 'cos I loved the orangey shade. Orange just seems to complement my skintone for some strange reason. Although it is really sticky, the colour is really nice and it was like $3. I can't really complain.

I was really apprehensive about buying gloss actually as I just recovered from a really really bad lip infection. Turns out I had an allergic reaction to Smith's Rosebud Salve. I bought the one in Mocha Rose 'cos it smelled like CHOCOLATES. It's soooo good. And I love that it has the consistency of vaseline as I HATE waxy lipbalms. I didn't even know that I was reacting to THAT 'cos I initially thought it was the tester that gave me the problem. BUT NOPE. I knew it instantly as I tried to put the lipbalm on again after my lips got a bit better and it started to burn on my lips a little. I immediately wiped it off and spiralled into depression. WHY? 'COS THAT THING costed my $14!! SO depressed about that. I just ended up giving it to my sis.

So I was worried about the glosses. The L'oreal one tingles on my lips... I dunnp if it's supposed to do that. But I will wear it anyway, 'cos it makes my lips look seriously luscious.

Another savior for my lips, besides the antiseptic thing and pills the doctor gave me for my infection (IT WAS SO BAD. I had sores and cuts ALL over my lips. And it was swollen. Hurts to even open my mouth). After my infection got better, I found a FABULOUS lip balm that provides the SERIOUS moisturisation that I need. It's called 'Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment'. Not the usual lip balm, this one means business. And you dun mess with it. It is LEGIT medicated. There are active medical ingredients in this, but it's not a doctors-prescribed-only thing.

I won't lie to you, it smells like crap. It's like super medical and gross smelling. I hate it, but the scent fades after a while so, I dun really have an issue with it. It has active ingredients to battle sores and all that. When the ointment that my doctor gave me became too powerful for my sort-of-healed lips, I kept up with the moisturisation with this.

It leaves a white cast. Slightly. But that's 'cos it is an opaque white gel, rather than the usual glossy lip balms that are around. I actually dun mind this AT ALL. People complain about that all the time, but helloooo~ It is a treatment. It's not GLOSS. And funnily enough, the white cast fades after awhile and my lips look SO juicy and muted down, I would even USE it as a gloss. But that's me. The BEST part about this is that the texture is unlike anything I have used. It's not too slippery and slick like vaseline and it isn't too waxy and hard like some balms. Instead, it is a mix of the two?? It penetrates, as it REALLY PENETRATES your lips (it tingles, feels so cool), so you dun have a film of product sitting your lips. It softens my lip immediately and makes them feel so plump and smooth.


Mind you, I have ridiculously weird lips. It absorbs moisture SUPER fast. It just absorbs things really quickly and gets chapped and torn really easily too. Also, it's sensitive, as you can tell. HENCE, I am super impressed that I dun have to reapply like 9348573409857 times with this thing, eventhough it is not thick at all. I just have to apply like ONCE and it stays on my lips and keeps it smooth even after fading a little (after I eat and drink). THAT IS IMPRESSIVE as I can go through an entire tub of vaseline in 2 months. I usually have to reapply alot. But, I only recommend this as a treatment for people with slightly dry lips. Just slather it on at night before bed and you will wake up with plump and moisturised lips.

I'mma keep this with me AT ALL TIMES.

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