The Truth About Forever.

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The Truth about ForeverThe Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen

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Rating: 4.5 stars

THIS is not a book I would ever have picked up if it weren't for all the glowing reviews it got that finally got me interested enough to give it a try. Just reading the synopsis, which is over-simplified, made the story out to be some kind of cliche teen story about moving on from a death in the family. It just seemed like a rather childish book, to be perfectly honest. Not to mention cheesy. So I went in thinking that this would probably be an okay-book. I am not the type who likes reading about family drama and teen problems.

ONCE AGAIN, I am proven wrong.

This book totally took me by surprise and I was shocked at how much I got into the story and how much I empathized with the main character, Macy. I ended up whizzing through it, and totally devouring it. Even getting a bit emotional at the end.

(Note to self: I will never underestimate a YA teen romance book again)

The story is basically about a girl named Macy who is coping with her father's recent and sudden death. Both she and her mother chose to hide their grief and adopted a facade of themselves moving on, when in reality, both of them are still haunted by the tragedy. Instead of facing the incident and the grief that came with it, they chose to focus on other aspects of life such as work and school, determined to upkeep the facade of perfection. Not realizing that it was literally eating them up from the inside. Macy's 'perfect' boyfriend, Jason, kept her in-check and practical. He too was the organized, brainy and perfection-obsessed sort. It wasn't until he had to leave for Brain Camp that Macy was left alone, without someone to navigate her and she strays from her strict routines and falling into an unexpected job in a chaotic family-owned catering company. There, she meets a bunch of characters who are all unique and flawed in their own way. Befriending them, she slowly learns to step out of her comfort zone and face her emotions, along with the consequences that came with them. Meanwhile, as she come to grasp with the changes within her, she slowly falls for the main catalyst for her change and that is a guy named Wes (who is an artist who also works at the catering company). We go through the journey with her as she sorts out her feelings and wonder if she could ever take a risk and wear her heart on her sleeve for once, let Wes know how she felt.

That's the main plot. It really does sound rather simplistic and cliche when you look at it. But it is not really about the plot, so much as it is about the way the author writes it. Sarah Dessen writes BEAUTIFULLY. The pacing was comfortable and the pages just FLEW by as each scene flowed to the next seamlessly, like a really good movie. The dialogues were witty and made me laugh out loud more than a few times. This made me like all the characters in the book as they are all so different and explored sufficiently for me to feel attached to them. Especially the catering crew. I felt as if they were my friends too. (Such that I got SO SUPER pissed when Macy's Mom banned her from seeing them in one scene)

Macy is an extremely mature and likeable. Unlike most teenagers, she is very much in control of herself and is very adult in the manner which she approaches situation, albeit in a shy, socially-introverted manner. This made her so easy to connect with and feel attached to. I could understand clearly the way she felt and why she thought that sometimes, it better to just not complicate things and hide aspects of oneself. I really, really like her. And I was SO ROOTING for her to get together with Wes, who is the most perfect guy imaginable. And I don't mean this in just an appearance sort of way, I mean it as a person, he is such a genuinely nice guy. At first, I thought that he would be one of those typical male bad-boy protagonists. But as Macy got to know him, I find myself liking him more and more. He too was very mature for his age and he and Macy shared a deep connection that even I, as a reader, felt. Somehow, even though they were teens, there is a certain charm and sincerity in the way their relationship developed. It felt genuine. It felt like, maybe this is how love is truly supposed to be.

Jason, Macy's boyfriend, seriously TICKED ME OFF to the max. I had no idea why Macy was still putting up with him. He was condescending and so into his himself, that he disregards anything that doesn't concern him or match up with his goals. I guess, while I at first thought it was weak of her, I realized that I started to admire her patience with such people. Like her patience with her mother, who is so uptight and so withdrawn from her family and emotions, she feels almost like a stranger.

AND GOSH~ The ending was wonderfully done. It felt so right and so well-put. I totally got caught up in the moment and the way she told it. I kinda got emotional, as I got so attached to each character.

(I only wished that she had explained why Wes chose to pass that last question. And I wished that the author had let us into Monica's story as well. 'cos she seriously baffles me. Plus she's so mysterious. And also why Bert is so obsessed over Doomsday theories. I wish I got to know the other characters deeper, that's how much I loved them.)

Otherwise, THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK. Seamlessly written and never dull. I felt as if I was one of them. As if I were friends with all of them. And there were many great messages within this book that made me think about the way I am living my life. Also, it made me think of what is my version of 'forever'. It is a book that will make you want to take chances and truly live. I'm glad I took a chance on this book, although it was not my usual cup of tea.

It was a rewarding read. =)

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