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Last saturday, I went for Nithiya's dance recital, where she gave a performance at Jubilee Hall to commemorate her graduating after years of dance training, in classical indian dance. She invited all her friends to come watch her performance. So it was a big event and most of my secondary school mates came. Hence, I got to see a number of my old school mates. Everyone looked totally different. And I have to admit that I too look rather different from my old school days.

It's like two different people, really.

Anw, at first I wanted to wear my Indian traditional outfits to fit in the theme. But at Jen's request, she didn't wanna be left out so I went for an ethnic-hobo-gypsy style instead. If that even made ANY SENSE. Basically, I looked like an Asian version of Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre-dame. I kinda regret this afterwards seeing as Jen dressed so formally and GORGEOUS in her structured black & white Dorothy Perkin's dress. And I just looked like someone in need of a tambourine. And I regret not putting on more makeup for the special occasion. 'Cos Keetha and Gaya totally looked red carpet ready with DROP DEAD makeup and ridiculously beautiful indian costumes.

Especially Keetha's makeup. IT WAS SO PRETTY!! She did a gold and green shadow. That day, she really looked like a model. It was like whoa. I keep looking around and thinking, "ALL MY FRIENDS ARE SO HOT. I have such great taste". For the first time ever in my entire life, I felt under-dressed. This is such a strange experience for me, as I am usually over-dressed. All the time. I guess I was right about me changing.

Nithiya's performance was incredible. I had no idea she could dance for so long and holding such difficult positions. NO WONDER she has such a rockin' bod. I should seriously take up some sort of dance as a workout.

After that, a bunch of us grabbed some Starbucks and supper before settling near the esplanade to chat and talk about senseless things. It was a really fun night! I missed seeing everyone.

I dun have that many pictures but here are some

Apologies for the atrocious quality.

Anyway, I just felt like blogging about some stuff in my life that does not revolve around books. Which is RARE since that is pretty much the only thing that is sustaining my life. That and coffee. The only two things that are ESSENTIAL to my continuing existence.

School is so rotten. I was devastated to find that I was unable to get a single free day as I lost out my desired tutorial slots. And also, my odd weeks are FILLED TO THE BRIM with tutorials. I dunno how in the world I will even manage. My 'Human Rights in International Politics' class scares the crap out of me. We have some presentation and the essays look ridiculously challenging. I might just DIE this sem. I just hope I won't fail it. I always forget how intimidating everyone is in uni. They all speak so eloquently and they all seem to know what they are talking about. Feels like I am the only one having problems and flailing around.

It always amazes me how I am always in over my head over there.

Pls, God. Just get me through this.

SCHOOL TMR. (fuck this shit.)

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