Misacalleneous buys.

1:56 AM

I have been shopping alot lately. I should stop. But I recently got TWO more books. Eventhough I am not done with my last haul. Just that they were on SALE and it was such a good bargain. I got both of them for less than $13 each. LIKE WHOAAA~!! How can I NOT get them?? PLUS, they are in my to-read list. So I was gonna get them anyway.

They are 'Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. This is the first book in the hunger games trilogy. It's a fantasy adventure thing. I'm really excited 'cos it received TONS of great reviews and it's about kids fighting each other in a battlefield or smth like that. It just sounds so badass. I'm really looking forward to this one.

And I got 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver. Which is a book that I have been DYING TO READ since I saw it on the shelves of Kino, but it was so ex. I never had the heart to buy it. Until, I found a smaller paperback version at the Kino in Bugis. They also had a 20% for members today so I GOT IT DUH. God is basically screaming at me to get it! It's probably the next book I am reading after I am done with 'The Truth About Forever'. Heeeheee~ I am THAT excited about it. That's right.

Oh, the story is about a world where Love is a disease that has to be cured. IT IS SO INTERESTING.

Okay, enough geeking about.

I met up with a bunch of my friends and I seriously miss them. I've been having loads of fun chatting, after a month of silence. Feels good. I met up with Jen on friday after her work and we had the BEST girl time ever. Time just FLEW by.

We both got a pair of pumps (omg, I cannot believe I got pumps. They are my first ever pair. I used to hate wearing them 'cos they tire out my feet and give me blisters, weird I know, but I feel like expanding my shoe collection and I COULDN'T say no to these pair). They are sparkly and glittery, which I know sounds gross and girly. But honestly, it looks like I have diamonds all over them. They look SO FANCY. And totally eye-catching. I kinda love them alot. Jen got one is a champagne beige with silver sparkles all over. And I got the same one in red with multicoloured sparkles. Actually I dun even know what colour mine is. It has every colour on the rainbow. I really like it ALOT. And just saying, the box is really fancy looking. I'mma use it to store stuff.

Today, I met up with Diyanah and Munira to have our day out at Geylang. Diy and I have this tradition EVERY year during the Ramadan fasting month. They have such nice things over there. Although I did get myself a SUPER CUTE colourful bracelet made out of colourful stones and stuff, my only other purchase is an alarm clock. HAHA! It's SO ridiculous to go there to buy an alarm clock. But it looks so pretty. It's a vintage old-school alarm clock with the bells on top. I got the bright yellow one. It's SO ADORABLE. I've been meaning to get a clock for my room and I'm really glad I got this one. I'll take a pic of it soon. It's really simple and goes well with my blue wall. Diy also got me my birthday present, which is the Avene Mineral Cream sunblock SPF50. I needed one for my face and decided not to get the La Roche-Posay one 'cos the Avene one was tinted slightly.

I just hope it's good.

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