4:01 PM

Today is the last day of my holidays before my sem starts again on monday, which is tmr. And of course, that would mean the end of my life and the end of anything fun in my life as I bury myself in the ridiculous amounts of work, whilst geniuses make it a hard time for me to even remain on the average standard for my modules.

Wow, that was a long sentence.

But I meant every word. When I look back on my holidays, I dun exactly remember much good times. Besides, certain days when I went out with my friends and I clearly remember all my book haul days which were totally the highlight of my summer. Other than that, I didn't go overseas or did anything adventurous. All I can remember is being stuck at home 'cos I suddenly had some major skin problem and had to stay at home for most of my holidays. So I suppose, I can't call this holiday the best one. Nevertheless, ANYTHING is better than school. ANYTHING. I hate school. Not school in the general sense. I like learning new things and stuff. But I just hate NUS. It's not the most lovely place to waste the rest of my youth.

Oh, Well~!

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