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I should stop going out on my own. I end up buying a bazillion things. I know that my doctor told me to stay off makeup. BUT omg, seriously. How can that even be possible? I know that I shouldn't be so superficial about it. I shouldn't be so insecure without my makeup on. Blah-blah-blah-self-motivation-talk-blah... I GEDDIT. I know I shouldn't be so attached to my makeup, but I can't help it that I am. And since school is starting, that means I can't hide out at home any longer. I have to wear my makeup. LIKE HAVE TO. I suppose I will have to cooperate and not wear SO MUCH. I probably would have to skip my foundation and just put a tad of concealer on my acne scars. No powder after that. I will have to keep my oil blotter with me at all times and also my La Roche-Posay face mist, which helps when I get red in the face.

THANKFULLY!! We both agreed that I can wear as much makeup as I want on my eyes and lips. SO YAYYY!! 'Cos eyeliner is the most important thing to me. Like THE TOP MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. So that was a relief and also, lipsticks are great for attracting attention to my lips and not on my skin, so that is lovely. And I can continue on my dark lipstick fetish.

My new thing now that I have been completely obsessed about is bright-coloured eyeliners. They are SO AWESOME. I used to be a black liner fanatic, then I moved on to brown 'cos I felt that the black was too severe for me (and kinda made my already small eyes smaller). NOW, I LOVE COLOURED LINERS. They are my staple for the new sem. I just bought a few sticks. L.A Splash and Rimmel make FANTASTIC coloured liners at really low prices. Plus, they aren't the pencil ones that you have to sharpen all the time and lose tons of product that way too. I got only the automatic ones.

L.A Splash has a wide range of colours. When Jen and I were busy swatching the testers. We totally fell in love with 99% of them. And every time we swatched one, it made our decision to get one so tough. 'Cos they were all so awesome. And pigmented and the colours are so eye-catching. After MUCH deliberation, I got the 'Neon Blue' one (like electric blue). Then today, I got Rimmel eyeliners in 'Aqua Sparkle' and 'Perfect Plum'. I got another blue one, but this one is much lighter and has sparkles. It's an aquamarine shade and the plum one just GORGEOUS.


They much less of a hassle than eyeshadows, where I would need to blend and stuff. Eyeliners are so much easier. OH, and the Rimmel one comes with a sponge tip at the end to smudge out lines and create a smoky effect. How awesome is THAT?!

Btw, I was so pleasantly surprised to see that Watsons has started importing stuff from UK's superdrug!! YAYY!! I was so surprised to see some UK superdrug brands being featured on their stand thingy. I was about to buy a sunblock for myself. 'Cos that is THE most impt thing for my body. Not moisturiser or anyth. Just sunblock. I was about to get the cool Biore Aqua UV one but instead, I got 'Solait Sun Lotion' instead. Which is a superdrug brand. I got the SPF50++ For Sensitive Skin. I figured it cost less than the Biore one and there was more product. Sure it didn't dissolve into water on my skin, but I kinda like the feeling of having smth on my skin. So that I feel like I am being protected from the sun and there is a physical barrier there that won't let those nasty UV rays through.

Enough of makeup talk. I'm finishing my current book and I have already decided on what to read next. I wish I could read faster. I wanna read so many! Unfortunately, I am a rather slow reader. I am the type who has to read every single word and like to re-read descriptions that I like, or scenes that I like again before moving on. I should learn to read faster. But anyways, I already have a new to-read list, which you can check out at my goodreads page. I won't be starting on that list since I still have LOADS more to read up. Now that I got my shelves up, and they are all displayed nicely, I thought I could give y'all a peek at my collection. It's not massive or anything, but I really love them. (PLS EXCUSE the low quality photos. I took them with my lousy ass camera phone)

This was my old shelf. MY SUPER OLD SHELF. The one when I was a baby. It has lots of junkie books, children's books, comics, encyclopedias and stuff. Excuse the mess, but I always find it hard to arrange these books nicely. Mostly due to all the textbooks that take up some space as well. Behind the picture of Frank Iero (from My Chemical Romance) is my complete encyclopedia series that my dad got me. I didn't get through the entire thing. I do however, love my 'Bookworm' collection. Anyone remember that old local series??

This is my second oldest shelf. I ran out of space, as you can see, so that was why I had to get new ones installed. THIS was made by my dad. HAHA! Which explains the rough workmanship and the sudden blue shelves and wooden side that he forgot to paint over. He made this from my old bed frame. Pretty handy, even if I do say so. And it could carry quite a bit. Here are my collections from my childhood. My 'Goosebumps' series (I have 40 of them I think?) and my Enid Blyton ones. My favourite one was the Malory Towers series. I also have my manga collection (which isn't much) and a couple of random books, and my journals take up an entire small shelf. I've been writing in my journals since primary school and I've kept at it, till today. So I just gathered all of them. (And yes, that is my super old My Chemical Romance poster that looks like crap. All tattered and torn. I refuse to put it down, eventhough I have their Danger Days poster. Simple 'cos Bob is in this poster. I MISS BOB)

These two are the latest shelves that my dad helped me install in July. I only filled about One and Half of the space, but I found that particularly impressive since it only took me about slightly more than a month to fill that space up. HAHA! I am abit worried that I might need more shelves in future. Since I filled them up so fast. These are just the ones I own. Granted that some of these books in the second shelf were given to me by Gaya. Also obviously, I have some ebooks and stuff. But I feel that the real thing, the actual book, gives so much more gratification than just reading them through a screen. That's just my own personal opinion.

I dunno if I will be hauling any books in August. As I am trying to prevent myself from stepping into any bookstores lately. I am hoping to expand my collection, of course. But maybe later~ When I'm not so broke.

Alrighty, that's all for now. =)

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