Lip crazy.

11:08 PM

My sleep pattern has officially been SCREWED up. I dunno what is going on with my body at the moment but I really hope that it will get fixed by the time school starts or else this is BAD. I am so wide awake ALL THE TIME, eventhough I am so exhausted and I really do wanna sleep. Just can't seem to sleep. (Uh-oh, is my insomnia problem coming back??) I would sleep only at like 4am or like yesterday, I only fell asleep at like 9AM. THAT is when people GET UP. But I suddenly felt super sleepy at 9am, after a whole night of restless awake-ness. And slept till about 2pm. Then I am super awake again. THIS IS SO WEIRD. Sometimes I sleep as little as half an hour in a whole day. Or sleep as much as 12 hours, on certain days. But I think those were the days when I was down with the flu and had MAJOR antibiotics that completely knocked me out. Now, I just sleep at weird times. And sleep less and less. =S

ANW, I won't worry about that, at the moment.

These past few days I've been buying lip products, like crazy. I dunno why. I think it's 'cos I can't put on all my usual makeup. Also, 'cos I have been encountering alot of lipstick sales lately. Like everywhere I look there seems to be lipsticks sales that I CANNOT RESIST 'cos I am a lip product junkie. These days especially, I am attracted to really dark colours. Dark browns and maroons really make me wanna grab them. I think it's 'cos I have been into sort of dark looks lately. I used to be really into natural looking makeup. But now I like STRONG and dark looks. Maybe I'm turning into a vampire goth emo kid. HAHA! I dun think it's that bad though. 'Cos as much I can't live without my eyeliner, I tend to only use brown ones. I stay away from black as much as possible, as they just make my already tiny eyes look swallowed up in darkness and even less noticeable. SO FOR NOW, I am only a partial vampire emo kid. Seeing as my skin has gone SUPER PALE thanks to a month of staying indoors.

I have to tell you guys about the faves I got out of all the ones that I bought. Just a rough mention of some of the products that are really good, seeing as I got through lip products like people go through tissue paper.

Needless to say, Revlon's lipsticks are the best of the best. Honestly, they are as good, if not better than all the high end lipsticks. They have great pigments and glide on well. I really love their Colorburst collection due to it's super classy packaging and REALLY GORGEOUS colours. They have lots of solid colours, all the essentials. But this line is rather pricey. The one I just got is the Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in 'Toast of New York'. Which is a true brown shade. Yes, BROWN. Actually it's kinda reddish brown. I thought I couldn't pull of this shade, thinking it would look better on tanner ppl.

BUT WHATEVS~! I just bought it 'cos I really do like how brown wears on me. Eventhough, my mom thinks it makes me look older. It emphasizes my lips and brings some colour to my pale face.

I have tried most of the drugstore lipsticks. For sheer and wearable colours, you can find them everywhere. I would recommend Maybelline's Watershine lipsticks. THEY ARE SUPER DUPER MOISTURISING. It's like putting on lipbalm. I love them!! And the colour pay off is decent. Perfect for nudes and everyday colours. 'Cos they are so moisturising, you might have to reapply them more often, but I dun think that's a major problem. I rather like the texture of it.

One of the most pigmented lipsticks I found, with a super silky texture that simply glides on, is none other than... SilkyGirl's Moisture Rich lipsticks. HAHA!! I cannot believe I just typed that. Everyone, including myself, tends to just blow off SilkyGirl 'cos it just looks abit cheap and kinda bad quality. I only picked these up 'cos there was a buy 1 get 1 free for this lipstick line and I tried out a tester... OMG! SHOCK. It was EXTREMELY pigmented. One glide and the colour pops on my lips immediately. And it's soooo smooth. I seriously underestimated this cosmetic line. I shouldn't be so stuck-up when it comes to makeup, I guess. And be more open-minded. Plus there were 18 colours to choose from and many other colours in their other lines. SO, there is actually a wide array of colours to choose from. GRANTED that they look really boring in the tube, but when you glide them on your hand or lips, they REALLY POP. I was spoilt for choice 'cos they were all really good and really dirt cheap. Like S$11.90. It didn't occur to me to get nudes, 'cos why would I waste such fantastic colour payoff on nudes?! I wanted to try 'VAMP' which is a purplish red colour. But as much I LOVED how it looked on me, my sis told me to take a less purple shade and more maroon instead. So I can achieve my dark look without looking like all the life was drained out of me.

I got 'NAUGHTY', which is a deep maroon colour. I thought it would be similar to my Revlon 'Toast of New York' but it's much more plum and maroon rather than brown. (It looks a helluva lot darker than the pic they gave at the website)

And I also got 'HOT', which is the brightest red I own. It is a deep cool-toned red. Most of my reds are warm toned with orange hints (like fire-engine red), this is a really bright and true red. And a deep shade. I LOVED HOW IT LOOKED ON THE LIPS. ALL I can see are LIPS. It just POPS. I think also 'cos it has a hint of fuscia as well.

Hopefully, I won't be spending anymore on lip products. 'Cos I bought some lip crayons as well. Before I go, I have to mention my fave lip balm of all time. This is my go-to lip balm. I always have this, just in case the ones that I am trying out suck. And TRUST ME, I have tried 209384209384209384 lip balms. I suffer from majorly dry lips that always seem to suck moisture out of everything. So I constantly have to slather on lip balm. And I always switch my balms and try out different ones. I reapply like 6 times a day at least, no matter what 'cos it just absorbs everything. But the most moisturising lip balm is 'Bioglo Perfecting Lipbalm'. It's 40% aloe vera so it really does sink into your lips rather than sit on top of it, like most lipbalms. Furthermore, the texture is so smooth. And it leaves a subtle sheen on your lips. I really hate waxy balms that dry out after a while. This one doesn't.


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