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OKAY~!! HAHA! I know that it has been nothing but BOOKS GALORE in my blog lately. And Keetha has been complaining to me how she is bored to death with my posts and I would probably lose more readers this way. But honestly, nothing is going on in my life that is even WORTH reporting about. And I have been doing little shopping for clothes and stuff that is worth mentioning, 'cos well, I feel what;s the point of buying pretty clothes when I look like crap in them?!

Until my skin heals properly and stuff, I probably won't be so hyper about clothing. Which is weird 'cos I LOVE fashion and I still do. I like looking at the trends and all the cool things that fashionable and hot ppl wear. But I dun necessarily think that I can do that. Last time, it was different. I was dead set on being different and standing out. NOW, my priority is blending in and not attracting attention. THUS, my dressing style has definitely changed. I still wear all my loud clothes. But I tend to tame them down now. Although I do wish sometimes that I can be my old self, so confident of whatever I am wearing and looking to turn heads, now I realize that being invisible has its perks. And it is definitely alot easier.

It makes me ALOT more boring, however. Hopefully, my friends won't mind that and will still stick with my boring new self.

On the other hand, my best friends have been embracing style and blossoming and coming into their own. Jenny is now adding more variety into her wardrobe and is venturing into bolder colours and brighter prints. Different from her usual pastel and florally self. She is trying out new styles with her new slim figure and she is looking like an Asian goddess. HAHA! I love it when she tries out new things. She just gets prettier and prettier.

Speaking of pretty, Diy has been totally turning into a fashionista and setting trends left and right. She is the new fashion queen on the block simple 'cos she is so full of style and confident of whatever she's wearing. Gone is the old tee-jeans-sneakers combo. Now she is layering skirts with flannel shirts and is decked with accessories from HEAD TO TOE. With her awesome hair style (currently sporting blonde streaks), everyone is at awe with her. Just when I think she can't get any cooler, she does. And everyone is taking notice! =)


On Monday, I met up with Gaya, Keetha and Diy to hang out at town after what seems liek ages. I have not seen Keetha and Gaya for a loooooong time. Granted that it is partially my fault for going into house arrest, thanks to doctor's orders. And being cooped up in my house for a month has taken it's toll. I finally met up with them. THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT!! Keetha just bought her Jose Eber straightener (WHICH BTW FUCKING ROCKS!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and I saw her with straight hair for the first time ever. She looks drop dead gorgeous, as usual. But more so with long straight hair. Gaya looked like her usual fashionable self only cooler with her thick bob. Her hair grows seriously fast, man.

I wanted to look pretty for them. I wanted to look pretty after like a MONTH of ugliness. So I went against doctor's orders and wore makeup. I was very careful though. I wore only a little of my clinique foundation, without primer. And I didn't do all the toning and all the other things, I kept it minimal. But I couldn't help unleashing all my pent up yearnings. I wore my new maroon dress with lace neck detail (I wish I had taken a pic, what's wrong with me) to match my maroon lipstick. And I braided part of my hair into a a snakey thing. And I wore my black wedges. I SWEAR, it was like girliness PUKED all over me. I was SO girly. But I can't help it. I haven't dressed up and made up in ages. I dun think I looked particularly great, but I loved my dress alot.

I had to be careful though, kept my la roche-posay face mist with me at all times to cool down any heaty rashes that might appear. And OF COURSE my oil blots and I ate my medicine beforehand. *SIGH* It is so hard.

But nevertheless, I am so happy we all got to catch up and I got to see my friends. And so happy that I get to look presentable again.

I bought new shoes that day... Apparently, that is one shopping habit that REFUSES to disappear. But I couldn't resist the pair of gray and blue oxfords with chunky heels. PLUS they are soooooooo comfortable. They will be my everyday shoes from now on. And I also got a coloured lip balm thingy from Etude house... OH OH!!! AND that day, Diy was so kind to accompany me to the seller and I bought FIVE FEAR STREET BOOKS!!!

SO HAPPY WITH THEMMMMMM~~!!! As you know, Fear Street was my fave book ever when I was young, so I kinda collect them. They are SO hard to find 'cos they are so old. I'm so glad I managed to get them. Even Diy bought two. It's like finding an old TREASURE! =)



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